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Jamaica Volunteer Programs

Equip your child with the skills and experience to become a global leader of tomorrow.

At Jamaica International Projects, we believe the most successful, creative and confident students are those that travel and immerse in cultures different than their own. Students who grow up to be tomorrow’s leaders need to view life from multiple perspectives, not just their own.

Traveling abroad to explore new cultures offers so many benefits, that many of the top universities and colleges actively encourage students to volunteer, intern, or study abroad. Students usually return home from a project abroad more socially aware, with more clarity on their career or higher education prospects, and with greater respect and understanding for different cultures.

Ready to enroll your child in a fun and impactful trip to Jamaica? View our projects or scroll down to read more about what we offer.

What’s included in our projects

Safety & Security

Our projects, accommodations, and transfers are all secure


Safe and well equipped accommodations for your comfort

Daily Meals

Full projects include breakfast & dinner daily, for all diets


Airport transfers, trips to and from your volunteer site and excursions

100% Support

From the time you contact us until you leave, you are fully supported

Cultural Immersion

Join our culturally immersive activities & adventures

Flexible Programs

Projects run 365 days per year, so join whenever convenient

Travel Insurance

We can help you get travel medical insurance to cover your trip

How your child or ward will benefit from our projects

  • They give back and make a difference
  • Their safety is guaranteed
  • Perfect opportunity to challenge themselves
  • Develop future-building skills
  • Learn what it’s like to live away from home
  • Get an insight into possible future career paths
  • Prove their independence
  • Enjoy delicious cuisine
  • Complete engaging projects and accomplish measurable goals
  • Make lifelong friends
  • Dive into a new culture
  • Have fun with a structured trip abroad
  • Certified volunteer/community service hours
Volunteering in Jamaica is a great option for gap year travel

Why send your teen to Jamaica International Projects?

We’ve been helping volunteers, interns and students get an authentic experience of the Jamaican culture for almost 10 years, with over 100 successful projects completed.

Years Running
Project Hours

What past participants say about our projects


This was a life changing experience. The children were so great. They gave me and taught me so much more than I gave them. This was one of the most satisfying trips I’ve ever done. Jomo, his mother, and Dwayne were great hosts and caretakers. Jamaica and its people will forever be in my heart.

Christelle Ugbaja
Child Care/Orphanage Volunteer

Amazing experience as a volunteer in Jamaica

I spent (only) 5 days at Reliance Basic School at Braeton and I can say it was one of the best experiences in my whole life. I was there as an Italian/English teacher but mostly I helped the teacher out with the program. The whole staff was very kind and supportive of me and the children were simply amazing. They called me Uncle David and they were so cute. I honestly think that five days were not enough but unfortunately, I couldn’t stay longer. I definitely recommend this volunteering program to anybody who wants to have a great experience in a real Jamaican environment. It’s not just about teaching to them, but also about learning from them.


Davide Dainotto
Teaching Volunteer

Lifetime Memories

Unforgettable experience! All of you should try it. It was only my first-time volunteering and I’d love to do it again through the same Jamaica International Projects.

Asimina Kosti-Stavri
Orphanage/Childcare Volunteer & French Teaching

Amazing, Incredible, a life-changing experience

During my time in Jamaica with Jamaica International Projects, I have had a very enjoyable time. The volunteering gave me a fantastic experience that I will never forget. The excursions we were able to do gave us an authentic vision and experience in Jamaica. The food was amazing and nobody ever went away hungry, and whenever we needed to buy lunch we were always given plenty of options for food. The accommodation was very good and the staff at the hotel very useful. Jomo Barnett was an amazing guide and support during our time in Jamaica.

Emily Solloway
Girlguiding Leader/ Volunteer Vacation

Incredible authentic experience

A fantastic first experience of Jamaica! The volunteer aspect was well organized and incredibly worthwhile. The experience and bonds made will last forever. The excursions were well thought out and gave a real authentic experience of the country. One of the best trips I’ve ever done and I am so impressed with every aspect of the project and especially loved the Jamaican food every night.

Holly Emmerson
Girlguiding Leader/ Volunteer Vacation

Amazing trip, amazing experiences. JIP the best for Jamaica

This has been a fabulous trip, 18 months planning resulted in our having as near as perfect experience as possible. Spending time in the children’s home was life-changing and bonds made with the home will last a long time. The Grand Port Royal hotel was a great place to stay and was more than we expected. The caterers provided us with great food and were so accommodating when we were late. The excursions were amazing and all of it was made possible by the fantastic attention to detail by the wonderful Jomo.

Joanne Lambert
Girlguiding Leader/ Volunteer Vacation

FAQ for Parents

How safe is Jamaica?

Safety and security are our number 1 priorities at Jamaica International Projects. Jamaica is very safe once you go into the safe areas and travel with an experienced guide. From the moment we pick your child up from the airport to the moment their return flight departs, a member of our team will be with them and they will be under our protection and guidance.

Where they volunteer or intern will be safe, as well as our accommodation and transport vehicles.

How do you ensure the volunteer and project placements make a difference?

We carefully plan our projects and monitor them to ensure that our volunteers and interns are making a positive impact. We work with communities, schools, NGOs and orphanages in Jamaica that need help, and where we are confident our volunteers will have an impact, even in as little as 1 week.

Do you background check your staff?

Yes, all members of staff are background checked, from drivers to kitchen staff, office staff, and the cleaning crew.

How many other volunteers will be present while my child is there?

This depends. Sometimes your child will be the only volunteer present. Other times there may be a small group of up to 8 volunteers on a project. Projects planned during busy travel seasons such as summer or spring break usually mean they will get to meet more volunteers.

Can my child meet or connect with other volunteers before arriving?

Yes! If another volunteer is scheduled to arrive at the same timeframe as your child and will be doing a similar project, then we will create a WhatsApp group where everyone can communicate and share ideas about their project.

Will my child be traveling alone?

Yes, unless they book with a family member or friend, or meet up with other applicants from their state during their flight. Once we have availability, you can join a project with your child and travel with them.

Will my child be picked up from the airport?

Yes! A member of our staff will be at the airport with a sign waiting to pick them up and take them to their accommodation. We will be tracking their flight, so they are guaranteed pickup regardless of flight delays. After their project is complete, we will drop them off back at the airport and walk them in to ensure they are safely checked in to their flight back home.

My child can’t eat certain foods. Will you cater to their special dietary requirements?

Yes! We cater to all dietary requirements and allergies, including diabetes, celiac disease, lactose intolerance, vegans, and more. We even cater to picky eaters.

My child only speaks English. What are the language requirements?

That is perfect! Jamaica is an English-speaking country, so English speakers will be right at home.

Is there insurance coverage for my child during their trip?

Yes, travel medical insurance is mandatory for participation in our projects. We work with a travel insurance provider who offers our volunteers affordable and hassle-free insurance coverage for their trips.

How much should they budget for spending money while in Jamaica?

This depends. Our projects include 3 meals per day, accommodation and transfers, as well as some excursions. Spending money can range from anywhere between $20 USD to $300 USD per week, depending on the extra-curricular activities your child wants to do, if they want to purchase special snacks or items, and more.

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