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Jamaica International Projects is a Jamaican Cultural Immersion Academy and Travel Experience Provider.

Founded In 2015

We are a family-run online academy headquartered in St. Catherine, Jamaica owned and operated by Jomo Barnett along with his mother Meleta Barnett.

Services and solutions we provide include custom projects, trips to Jamaica, group projects, workshops, and cultural immersion courses. To work with us is to truly understand and appreciate the Jamaican way of life.

Our Mission

We exist to provide authentic and interactive Jamaican experiences that enlighten and empower our participants, coupled with world-class support. We strongly believe in sharing the rich Jamaican culture with the world through immersive experiential learning opportunities.

Our Vision

We will be the world’s foremost solution for participants seeking to travel to or learn about Jamaica to give back, intern, vacation, or experience our culture.

Authentic Jamaican About Us JIP

We Are Uniquely Jamaican!

Company Values


We are committed to provide genuine and culturally rich experiences that accurately reflect Jamaican life, traditions, and values.

Respect for Jamaican culture, customs, and people, fostering mutual understanding, appreciation, and empathy.

Empowering participants through educational opportunities to deepen their understanding of Jamaican culture, history, and language, fostering personal growth and global citizenship while promoting brand Jamaica.

We engage with communities in Jamaica and prioritize sustainable development, ethical partnerships and mutually beneficial interactions.

Despite Jamaica’s reputation for homophobia, we fully welcome participants from all walks of life, regardless of your sexual orientation, religion, or race.

Integrity, transparency and honesty are three principles we emphasize in all interactions and business dealings.

Prioritizing the safety, security, and well-being of participants, adhering to rigorous safety standards, and providing comprehensive support throughout their journey.

We are deeply committed to enriching Jamaican communities by investing in philanthropy, steering volunteer projects, and championing sustainable development, as we believe in the transformative power of giving back to the land we love.

What We Do

We help craft a better future for Jamaica by providing the necessary resources for the sustainable development of our economy and communities. This is accomplished through us arranging unique and fully customizable projects and experiences for a wide range of participants from all over the world.

Our clients include volunteers, interns, students, educators, gap year takers, corporations and anyone in between. From full Jamaican trips including accommodation, transfers and meals, to self paced online courses, we act as a nexus for authentic cultural immersion opportunities. We go far above and beyond the typical “volunteer travel company”.

Meet The Team

Jomo Barnett Jamaica International Projects

Jomo Barnett

Founder/Director of Projects

Jomo is a certified chef, digital marketer and travel expert with many years experience in each field. He is very hands-on when it comes to JIP. His duties include organizing and managing projects, creating and hosting events and courses, managing and maintaining the website, writing and approving content, and customer relations and support.

Jomo started Jamaica International Projects after working for a volunteer organization where he met many travelers passionate about enhancing and uplifting Jamaica through their volunteering efforts. Unfortunately, their goals were not being achieved at that company, so seeing the dedication and demand, and wanting better for the country, he decided to resign his job and start an organization of his own that is actually made to assist volunteers. The rest, as they say, is history.

Meleta Barnett Jamaica International Projects

Meleta Barnett

Co-Founder/Operations Manager

As a wife and mother of 4, Meleta, or Miss B as she is affectionately called is the embodiment of kindness and passion. Her duties and responsibilities include managing the daily operations of the office, assisting with support, making client placements and reservations at projects, arranging airport and project transfers and kitchen and housekeeping duties at Barnett’s Homestay.

Having run several self-started businesses in the past, she has decided to join our team to put her office management skills and expertise to good use. When she isn’t busy with the aforementioned tasks, she likes reading and tending to her beautiful garden and animals. Just ask her a question about gardening or anything plant related, her knowledge here is endless.

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