Updated May 4, 2023

This document outlines the terms and services between yourself and Jamaica International Projects (registered as Barnett’s International Project). Throughout the remainder of this agreement, we shall use the name Jamaica International Projects to represent the business. By applying for any of our programs or services, you agree to accept the terms of the agreement as outlined below.

If you are booking a 1 Day or Placement Only Projects, you agree to be bound by the terms outlined in our 1 Day & Placement Only Terms & Conditions. By continuing to book your project you agree that you have read and understood the terms outlined in the 1 Day & Placement Only Terms & Conditions.

Please read through this agreement in its entirety before clicking I agree and completing your online application. By selecting the field labeled as “I have thoroughly read through the Terms and Condition Agreement and I accept and agree to all legal terms outlined’, and by submitting your application form, you agree to the following terms:

Services That We Provide

Jamaica International Projects agrees to provide the following services if they apply to your package attached to the application form, as outlined on the website page. These services may include:

Non-Refundable Enrollment Fee

All projects incur an enrollment fee, ranging from $100 USD to $800 USD per person. The cost of your enrollment fee will be outlined by email from Jamaica International Projects. These fees become due either immediately after your application is processed and approved (if your project will begin within the next 60 days), or once you are 100% sure of your project start date, and you are ready to commit and secure your placement. The enrollment fee is non-refundable and covers your project placement, pre-arrival support, in-country support, your certificate of participation, and any other services outlined in your email by Jamaica International Projects. The Enrollment Fee must be paid before your placement is made.

Payment Of Project Cost Fees

Project Cost Fees include accommodation, meals, transfers, and excursions, all combined into 1 package of varying durations. Your Project Cost Fees will be due in full at least 60 days before your project commences. You can pay all at once, or in installments. If you apply less than 60 days before your project date, the fee will become due immediately once your application is accepted and approved. After payments have been processed and received, you will receive a receipt and an email confirmation.


All travelers that join our programs MUST be covered by a comprehensive travel insurance policy. There are no exceptions. You can either purchase travel insurance on your own, or you can work with our partner insurance provider, who offers our clients affordable packages. CLICK HERE to purchase an affordable travel insurance policy from them, if you do not have one already.

Refund And Cancellation Policy

Package Transfer

If you are unable to join us to participate, and you have paid in full and have passed the 60 day grace period, we will allow you to transfer the project to someone else to take your position. They must undergo and pass our application process in order to be accepted. A transfer fee of $100 USD may apply.
Room Deposit

Room deposits may apply depending upon your accommodation. After your project has been booked and confirmed you will receive instructions on your accommodation’s room deposits if any.

Check In & Check Out Times

Check in and check out times vary depending upon your accommodation. You will be informed of the check in and check out times after your project has been booked and confirmed.

Usage Of Images, Videos, Testimonials, And Written Content

Jamaica International Projects reserves the right to use all of your photos, videos, written content, testimonials and any other forms of media for use on our website(s), social media accounts, partner websites or promotional media. If you do not wish for content of you to be used, you must submit an email stating this to us before your project commences. You reserve the right to revoke this permission any time during or after your program commences.

Personal Risk

Traveling to any country in the world carries a set of risks. By accepting the terms of this agreement, you agree that Jamaica International Projects will not be held liable or responsible for any loss of property, harm or distress caused directly or indirectly by any of the following forces:

Termination Of Your Project Contract

Jamaica International Projects reserves the right to terminate your contract without refund if you are found to have committed one of the following offenses while on your project:

Usage Of Marijuana

Although marijuana is now legalized in Jamaica for personal use (less than 2 oz.) you will still be held responsible for any and all legal action taken against you if arrested for the possession of marijuana. For more information on the laws governing marijuana use, CLICK HERE.

Jamaica International Projects and its employees reserve the right to refuse to assist you with purchasing or acquiring marijuana or any other drug.

Smoking & Drinking

Both smoking and drinking are prohibited while you are at your project site. This includes smoking cigarettes, cigars, marijuana or consuming any form of alcoholic beverages.

Age Of Consent For Alcohol Consumption

The age of consent for the consumption of alcohol in Jamaica is 18. Clients under 18 will not be allowed to purchase alcoholic beverages on the property, and are advised not to drink. You will be held responsible if legal action is taken against you by law enforcement for underage drinking. Please take along a valid photo id. You are expected to abide by the age of consent of your native country.

Governing Law Of This Agreement

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Jamaica.

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