So you are ready and excited to plan your trip abroad. You already have a destination in mind, travel dates selected and have made a mental map of what you will do once you arrive at your destination. Only 1 problem remains – you need to figure out a way to fund your trip! If this situation currently applies to you, continue reading for some online fundraising tips and crowdfunding travel assistance.

By performing at least 1 of the fundraising activities below or successfully completing a crowdfunding campaign, you could earn enough money to pay for your trip overseas in full, and even have enough left over to purchase additional tours and upgrades. Whether you are volunteering, studying abroad, partaking in a mission project or simply taking a well-deserved vacation, you can use the information below to your advantage.

So without further ado, here are some easy fundraising ideas:

Crowdfunding Travel Profile Creation

We have partnered with Fund My Travel, one of the best crowdfunding sites that offer travelers an amazing platform to raise money for their trip abroad. By using this website, you will be able to reach thousands of donors around the world seeking to sponsor persons such as yourself.

What makes Fund My Travel one of the better crowdfunding websites is that whenever you receive a donation, you will be credited the funds to your account immediately (minus the small processing fee.)

This is an especially useful option for volunteers or students joining study abroad programs or cultural exchange, as you can raise money to purchase supplies as donations for your volunteer site or help raise money to pay for your trip abroad without putting financial strain on your parents or yourself.

By adhering to the crowdfunding best practices and sharing your crowdfunding campaign with your family and friends via Facebook and other social media networks, you will be well on your way to meeting your funding goal in no time. Just remember to be creative, resourceful and determined to succeed.

Steps For Creating A Successful Fundraising Campaign

Step 1: Develop A Budget

Your first step to raising funds for a project or trip abroad will be to develop a detailed budget that will cover all your expenses.

The Expenses Your Budget Should Cover Are:

• Your project cost
• Tour packages
• Non Refundable Processing Fee
• Travel insurance
• Cost of flights
• Daily lunch
• Snacks
• Souvenirs and other expenses
• Donations for your project (volunteers)

Step 2: Know How Funds And Donations Will Be Distributed

Find out how the funds you raise and donations will be distributed, and who will receive them.

Jamaica International Projects is a privately owned Jamaican company, and we do not receive government grants or funding of any kind. Please note that we DO NOT CHARGE VOLUNTEERS FOR VOLUNTEERING. The price of all packages, whether study abroad, volunteering or internships are to cover your needed expenses, such as secured and comfortable accommodations, daily meals, transfers, tours, and customer support.

We work closely with our local partner organizations to help find persons from overseas who are able to assist them with their needs. We also help these organizations in whatever way we can, whether financially or otherwise.

The funds you raise and donations that you collect with the intent to donate to a local organization will go to a Jamaican charity of your choosing.

Step 3: Create A Fund My Travel Account

Sign up for a Fund My Travel account online and receive donations from family and friends online.

After you create your profile you can add your photo, your reason for traveling, and set up your own personal page. You will receive a private link that you can share with your family and friends and make them aware of your cause. Remember that following up is key, so if you do not receive responses from persons you approach, do not be afraid to send a reminder email or make a quick phone call.

Click the button below to get started.

Step 4: Read Our Fundraising Guide

Browse from our wide list of fundraising ideas in our detailed fundraising guide to help you raise funds.

We have gathered some fun and innovate fundraising ideas that you can try. Even if these ideas are not right for you, you can use them as motivation for bigger and better ideas.

Reggae Parties

Since you are raising money to join our program in Jamaica, why not keep a Reggae party and charge an admission fee? Reggae music finds its roots in Jamaica and is loved worldwide by many fans. Think of Bob Marley. Who doesn’t know of his legendary music? Capitalize on the power of reggae music and thrill your supporters, and have them green with envy knowing that you will be in the land of Reggae soon enough.

Jamaica Night Cook Out

This is the perfect opportunity for you to test your culinary skills, as you cook up a Jamaican food storm. Invite over as many people as possible, and charge them a fee to partake in your Jamaican delights. You do not have to be a master chef to cook like a Jamaican, and I am sure your supporters will sponsor your valiant attempt regardless of the taste.

Some popular foods you could try to create are:

• Jerked Chicken
• Rice and Peas
• Curried Goat
• Escovitch Fish
• Festivals
• Stew Peas

Just click on the dish above for a simple recipe to create them.

Bake Sale

Do you have a knack for baking? This is another fundraiser centered on food. You can bake delicious treats such as cookies, muffins, cupcakes, cakes, and pastries, and sell them at your school, office, and home or to family and friends. You can even set up a bake stand on your lawn or in busy areas.

If you are not too confident in your baking skills, you can always visit your local bakery/pastry shop and purchase stock from them and sell them back at a markup.

Apply for Grants

Many colleges and universities offer study abroad grant to students. Your group could approach your admissions department and find out who is responsible for giving grants. We would be more than happy to provide any necessary documentation for you to present to your school to access the grant.

Some programs that we offer that are eligible for grants are volunteer abroad, internships, educational field trips, winter retreats, alternative spring break, study abroad and service learning.

Donation Drive

As you may be aware by now, many of our volunteer projects have many urgent needs. You can arrange donation drives in your community to ask families, churches, businesses, schools and other organizations to donate to your cause. Whether cash, clothes, foods, toiletries, medical equipment, stationary or even toys, our local partners will be extremely grateful.

No matter how small the contribution, it will go a long way to help out Jamaicans in need. We can provide you with a signed letter stating that you are indeed planning to volunteer in Jamaica, in case any potential donors require proof from you. This is called a Volunteer Sponsorship Letter.


Who doesn’t love music? Well, you can put on a concert at your school, office, a restaurant or even a bar and invite local artists or friends to come and perform for free, while charging concertgoers a fee. Make sure that when you promote the concert, it is clear that the main aim is to raise funds for your project in Jamaica or your trip abroad.

Karaoke Night

Whether it is the off-key singing, or the chance to sing along to your favorite tunes, we are not sure what makes karaoke so much fun. We are sure, however, that they are great fundraisers. Invite your crew over to a nearby karaoke bar, and enjoy a night of singing and dancing to your favorite jams.

You can even arrange it in your home! There are numerous karaoke games available for you to purchase. There is also a karaoke website that you can join called Charge your guests an entrance fee, inclusive of food and drinks to make the night much more fun.

Smoothie Bar

A healthy fundraising option, smoothie bars are definitely worth giving a try. All you need is a blender, disposable cups, ice, straws, a table and your smoothie ingredients to get started. Set up at an area with a power outlet, put up a big sign, call over family and friends (make sure they invite their families and friends too) and you will be well on your way to raising funds for your trip/project.

Games Night

A games night can have the potential for you to invite over close friends and family for an evening of fun and fundraising mixed into one. Feel free to offer any kind of games, whether board games like monopoly and scrabble, truth or dare, musical chairs, or Play Stations and Xboxes.

For an extra twist, you can conduct a game tournament, and have players compete in various games to crown a winner. Charge an entrance fee for each player, and let the games begin!

Talent Show

Many of your friends or colleagues are full of hidden talents that they are dying to share with the world, they just haven’t gotten the opportunity as yet. Well, you can change all of this by arranging a talent show. Charge an entrance fee, and have your performers do their hidden talents. Be sure to plan this at least a month in advance, so that you can have a decent attendance.

You can also offer prizes for the most unique or bizarre talents, to encourage your performers to go all out!


This is another great way to earn money for your trip! You can approach family, classmates, churches etc. in your neighborhood, and ask that they donate items to be used as gifts for your raffle. After you have collected an assortment of prizes, you can then sell raffle tickets back to some of the same donors, and others as well.

Corporate Sponsorship

For volunteers, interns and students, this is a very viable option. You can approach an organization in your city that specializes in a field similar to the focus of your program (example if you are doing dental volunteering you would visit a dentist, or animal care volunteers would approach a veterinarian clinic.)

You can then explain to them the nature of your project in Jamaica, and propose a promotional deal with them.

An example that I have witnessed was a volunteer from Oman, who joined a dental volunteer program. He received sponsorship from a dental clinic in his hometown. The deal he struck with them was that they would pay over $4,000 USD for his program, and in return, he created a Facebook page chronicling his project in Jamaica each day, and he expressed his gratitude to his sponsors. This no doubt provided plenty of publicity and goodwill for his sponsors.

No matter what project you are thinking of joining, you can approach a corporation and request sponsorship. Send out emails, letters, Facebook messages, or do personal visits, until you get a yes.

Ask Family & Friends

You can always ask family and friends to help you raise funds for your trip. Although this may seem like the most obvious route to take, a little creativity would help you to see greater results. For instance, you can create a detailed post on your Facebook page asking for donations for your project, and send it to all your Facebook friends and followers.

Or better yet you could make a fun video asking for donations, and share that as well.

Create and Sell Merchandise

You can print shirts, buttons, hats and other merchandise promoting your program in Jamaica and sell them. We can provide you with a copy of our logo, and you can take it to a printing company nearby to have them brand your merchandise. Just give it a cool tagline, catchphrase, or artwork utilizing the Jamaican colors to the fullest.

Car Wash

Cars will always get dirty. That is a fact of life. Another fact of life is that car washes are excellent fundraising events! Gather up a group of your friends, classmates, relatives or colleagues, and arrange a car wash fundraiser. Be sure to promote it beforehand though, so that you will receive the maximum support.

Pizza Fundraiser

This is very popular among colleges, high schools, and non-profit groups. As you are probably aware, pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the world. Why not capitalize on its popularity to earn some extra cash to help offset the cost of your trip?

We have 3 variations to the pizza fundraiser that we would like to share with you. They are as follow:

  1. Pizza Party – Arrange a pizza party at your home, office, school or at a local pizza restaurant. You should speak to the restaurant owner/manager, and let them know that you are arranging a pizza party as a fundraiser. You might be able to get a discount on the number of pizzas that you order this way. Charge party goers per-person, and allocate a combo (maybe 3 slices and a drink per person.) Put on some music, have fun games ready and before the night is through you should have made a nice little profit. Make sure you check the cost of the pizza beforehand so that you will make a profit for what you charge your friends.
  2. Pizza Card – This will require the participation of a local pizzeria in your area. Many restaurants love this option, as it encourages your supporters to eat at their establishment. Basically, you would approach a pizza restaurant in your area, such as a Pizza Hut or Dominoes, and let them know about your campaign, and that you would like to sell your supporters discount cards for their restaurant. These cards can offer special deals, such as money off, buy one get one free and more.
  3. Pizza Night – Similar to the pizza party, a pizza night would entail making a deal with a local pizzeria to hold a gathering for your friends, and you can charge them a fixed price. Most restaurants would gladly grant you permission, especially midweek. Perfect for large groups of families, friends, and colleagues. Remember to add other fun activities, such as truth or dare or other fun games.

Let Us Help You Find The Best Way To Raise Money For Your Trip

Please keep in mind that we mean it when we say you will receive Pre-Arrival Support when you book your program with us, so do not hesitate to ask us any and all questions that you have regarding fundraising. We would be more than happy to provide you with a Sponsorship letter so that you can send it to family, friends, corporations, your study abroad office or any other entity that you are seeking donations or grants from to verify your acceptance into our program.

We also encourage you to combine 2 or more of the fundraising ideas that we have listed above, for maximum results. If everything goes well, you will essentially be getting an all-expense paid trip to Jamaica for free!

For volunteers and missionaries please remember that you can collect funds and items for your project that you will be joining in Jamaica.

***Important Note: Fundraising documentation is only issued by Jamaica International Projects after Processing Fee is paid.

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