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So, you are thinking of traveling to Jamaica for a life-changing volunteer, internship, or study abroad experience, but you find yourself with a few questions before you make up your mind. No problem! One of our greatest strengths here at Jamaica International Projects is educating our clients about Jamaica and all that traveling to this country entails.

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions by our clients and answered them below. If you have questions about a particular type of program, scroll below to the corresponding section, where you may access those specialized FAQs.

Please remember that we are here to help you find the best experience possible in Jamaica, so feel free to contact us directly to ask any questions that remain unanswered.


What Is Jamaica International Projects?

We are a family-owned and operated travel and cultural immersion organization that arranges a wide range of projects in Jamaica for international travelers looking to partake in responsible travel. Our programs include volunteer opportunities, internships, study abroad placements, cultural immersion trips, gap year projects, career break trips, and corporate packages and mentorships. We also offer adventures and excursions through our sister company to help our clients experience the best attractions that Jamaica has to offer.

We offer comprehensive support for your trip to Jamaica, including help with preparations before arrival, arranging your stay, airport transfers, local travel arrangements, provision of daily meals, emergency assistance, and guiding services for tours.

In these difficult times when most people are unable to travel, we have adapted our services to serve our clients from anywhere in the world. We now offer several virtual projects as well, including online volunteer opportunitiesvirtual internships, and mentorship programs.

Is Jamaica Safe To Travel To?

Is There Clean Drinking Water & Electricity?

Will I Need Vaccinations To Travel To Jamaica?

What Language Is Spoken In Jamaica?

Are Our Programs Only Available To Americans?

How Can I Contact You To Speak Directly With Someone?

Will You Meet Me At The Airport?

Can I Still Join If I Have A Medical Condition?

Can I Extend My Time In Jamaica While I Am There?

What Can I Do On Weekends?

Will I Be Alone On My Project?

Where Will I Stay?

How Can I Stay In Touch With Loved Ones Back Home?

Will I Be Able To Buy Ganja/Marijuana?

What Is The Drinking Age In Jamaica?

How Is The Temperature In Jamaica?


Why Should I Pay To Volunteer?

You do not pay to volunteer. Your package price covers your accommodation, daily meals, airport transfer, and daily transportation. Volunteering is always free.

The non-refundable Volunteer Processing Fee is the only fee that Jamaica International Projects charge, which is to cover all of our operating expenses to provide you with pre-arrival support, pre-screen volunteer project placements and provide 24-hour in-country support. We are not sponsored, nor do we receive any government grants.

What Type Of Volunteer Placements Are Available?

When Are Your Volunteer Programs Available?

Can I Combine Volunteer Placements?

Who Usually Joins Your Programs?

What Will I Do At My Volunteer Site?

How Long Can I Volunteer?

Where Will I Stay?

What Is The Dress Code For Volunteers?

What Food & Drinks Will I Have In Jamaica?

How Can I Speak With Someone Who Has Been On Your Program In The Past?

Will I Be Safe At The Volunteer Project?

I Am Not A US Citizen, Can I Still Apply?

When Should I Apply, And Is There A Deadline?

Will I Need A Visa To Travel To Jamaica?

How Much Will My Volunteer Package Cost?

How Can I Pay For The Program?

Are The Volunteer Positions Paid?

What Does My Volunteer Package Price Cover?

What Is Not Included In My Package?

What Else Can We Do While On Our Volunteer Program In Jamaica?

Can I Travel With My Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Spouse Or Close Friend?

Will I Need To Be Qualified To Join?

Will I Be Able To Fundraise?

Can I Bring Items To Donate To My Volunteer Project Site?

Will I Receive Certification Or Proof Of Volunteer Hours Completed?

How Can I Apply To Volunteer?


Will I Be Paid During My Internship?

Although our internships are usually unpaid, you will gain a lot of on the job experience, industry knowledge and the chance to expand your professional network, all of which will boost your CV and marketability immensely. Some internships may offer a stipend, so please consult our customer service team before you book an internship to be certain.

Can We Combine Other Projects With Our Internships?

Can My Internship Hours Go Towards On The Job Experience For My Program?

What Are The Types Of Internships Available?

When Can I Join An Internship In Jamaica?

What Type Of Persons Normally Join Your Internships?

What Will I Do At My Internship Site?

How Long Can I Intern In Jamaica?

Where Will I Stay During My Internship?

Is There A Dress Code For My Project?

What Type Of Food Will I Get To Eat?

Will My Internship Placement Be Safe?

What Is The Cost Of An Internship?

What Does My Internship Package Cost Include?

What Is Not Included In My Internship Package?

What Are The Payment Options Available?

How Can I Fundraise To Join This Program?

What Other Activities Can I Do While On My Internship?

Will I Be Able To Intern With My Lover/Family Member/Friend?

What Are The Requirements For Joining An Internship?

How Can I Authenticate My Work Hours?

How Will I Get To My Internship Site Daily?

How Many Hours Am I Required To Work Per Day As An Intern?

Why Should I Choose Jamaica International Projects To Provide My Internship?

I Am Already Planning To Come To Jamaica And Only Need An Internship Placement

How Long Does It Take To Find An Internship Placement?

What Will Happen If I Do Not Like My Internship?

Can I Speak With An Intern That Has Joined An Internship Before?

How Can I Apply For An Internship?

I Am Not A US Citizen, Can I Still Apply?

How Soon Should I Apply For An Internship In Jamaica?

Will I Need A Visa To Travel To Jamaica?

Gap Year

Who can become a gap year volunteer?

There is no restriction on the nationalities that can participate in our gap year travel programs. Our only restriction is the age range of our participants, which is between 16 and 30 years old.

What are my gap year volunteer options?

Can I talk to previous volunteers or gap year participants?

Will I be able to meet other gap year volunteers while I’m in Jamaica?

What are the requirements to join the gap year trip with JIP?

What costs do I need to consider?

How can I pay for my gap year opportunity?

Do you offer sponsorships, grants or fundraising opportunities?

Can I arrive earlier or later than my project start time?

May I volunteer with friends/spouses/family?

Will I be safe during my gap year travel programs?

Study Abroad

Why Should I Study Abroad?

While the reason for studying abroad differs from person to person, some of the more popular reasons include experiencing a new culture, meeting international students and teachers, exploring new career paths, gaining practical experience abroad to boost your CV (and increase marketability), expounding upon interpersonal skills and to escape the regular school or work routine while proving your independence.

How Will I Convince My Parents To Let Me Study Abroad?

What Type Of Study Abroad Projects Are Available?

When Can I Join A Study Abroad Program In Jamaica?

What Kind Of Students Join Study Abroad Programs?

How Long Can I Study In Jamaica?

What Are My Accommodation Options Available?

What Is The Dress Code?

What Can I Eat Or Drink In Jamaica?

Can I Speak To Someone That Has Joined Your Program Before?

Will I Be Safe While Studying In Jamaica?

I Am Not A Us Citizen, Can I Still Apply?

How Can I Apply?

When Should I Apply, And Is There A Deadline?

Will I Need A Visa To Travel To Jamaica?

How Much Will My Study Abroad Package Cost?

What Does The Package Price Cover?

What Is Not Included In My Package?

How Can I Pay For The Program?

Will I Be Able To Fundraise?

Can I Receive Financial Aid To Join Your Programs?

What Can I Do To Have Fun While Studying In Jamaica?

Can I Travel With My Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Spouse Or Close Friend?

Do I Need To Be An Enrolled Student To Join?

Will I Receive Accreditation Or Proof Of Volunteer Hours Completed?

Can I Extend My Study Program While In Jamaica?


What Type Of Groups Join Your Programs?

We work with groups of all types. Such groups include corporations, families, colleges, universities, high schools, churches, medical groups, friends, scouts/guide groups, youth clubs, sports teams and more.

How Long Can Our Group Stay On Your Program?

Where Will We Stay During Our Program?

How Much Will Our Program Cost?

How Will We Pay For Our Trip?

What Will Be Included In Our Package Cost?

What Is Not Included In Group Packages?

What Methods Of Transportation Are Available To Groups?

We Are A Family With Children. Can We Still Join Your Programs?

What Ages Of Children Can Join?

Where Will We Get Resources For Our Volunteer Placements?

We Would Like To Send Donations To A Charity In Jamaica. What Is The Best Way?

When Will We Be Able To Join A Project In Jamaica?

We Just Want To Go On A Carefree Vacation With No Volunteering. Do You Provide This?

Can You Provide Us With References From Groups You Have Worked With In The Past?

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