Why Travel To Jamaica

You might find yourself asking “out of all the countries in the world, why should I travel to Jamaica to volunteer, intern or study abroad? “

If you are, then you should continue reading to find out the exact reasons why you should hop on the next flight to Jamaica.

But before we begin listing off reasons, here is a bit of information about Jamaica’s history, so you can have a better understanding of the island and our culture.

A Brief Lesson On Jamaica’s History

Jamaica was first inhabited by the Tainos (Arawak Indians), until the island was claimed for Spain in 1509, having been discovered by Columbus in 1492. Many of the Tainos were killed off from exposure to European diseases, so African slaves were brought in to work on sugar plantations instead. In 1655, the island was claimed by the British, led by Admiral William Penn.

Sugar quickly became the island’s primary source of income, however slavery was abolished in 1834, so the British had to fill the void left by the loss of their slaves for cheap labor to tend the plantations, thus indentured plantation workers were brought in from many different races, such as Chinese, Indians, Germans, French etc. These laborers were placed across Jamaica, and they each brought their own religions, traditions, food, and language.

Many current day Jamaicans are a result of a mixture of these various races, hence why Jamaica is said to be a rich melting pot of cultures. This is perfectly encapsulated by our national motto, which is “Out Of Many, One People”.

Why You Should Visit Jamaica

Rich Culture

As you have read above, we have a rich culture and history that you are encouraged to explore


English is our native language, though you are almost certain to hear Patois, which is our local dialect

Friendly People

Come prepared to be greeted by waves, smiles, and in some cases hugs, especially from children

Central Location

We are centrally located in the Caribbean and are only an hour or so flight from some major US cities

Conquest In Sports

For the longest time, Jamaica has been dominating different fields of sports such as track and field

Tropical Weather

Our warm tropical marine climate ensures we get sun and fun all year round in Jamaica

Exchange Rate

The local currency is weak against most major foreign currency, so a little USD or GBP can go a long way

Developing Nation

As a rapidly developing nation, you can find most of the services you are used to back home in Jamaica

Natural Attractions

We have many beautiful waterfalls, white sand beaches, caves, snorkeling spots, and attractions


Last but definitely not least, the Jamaican cuisine is certainly among the best in the world

Important Information About Jamaica

National Fruit: Ackee

National Bird: Doctor Bird

National Flower: Lignum Vitae

National Tree: Blue Mahoe

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