Meaningful Volunteer Orphanage Abroad Work In Jamaica

Should you join a volunteer abroad orphanage project in Jamaica? Apart from our warm beaches, reggae music, and amazing culture, Jamaica faces many issues, 1, in particular, being the development, care and nurturing of children who live in childcare facilities.

Many of these children need someone to help guide, protect, mentor or even sponsor them so they can grow up to be the leaders of tomorrow. Lend a helping hand by joining our volunteer orphanage abroad projects and assist a child in Jamaica today.

Volunteer Abroad Orphanage Project Details

Project Details
Why Join


Kingston & Montego Bay


Amount Of Participants

1 – 30


No experience required


All year round

Project Dates and Times

Monday – Friday


1 day – 3 months

Age Range

12 and up

Price Range

$83 and up

Full Packages

We offer full volunteer abroad orphanage packages that provide meals, airport transfers, daily round-trip transportation, accommodation as well as 24-hour in-country support.


Placement Only Volunteer Abroad Orphanage Projects

Placement only packages where we arrange your placement in children home, provide you with pre-arrival support, accompany you on your first day and provide you with a printed itinerary.


Set Volunteer Abroad Orphanage Projects

These pre-arranged trips help volunteers go into areas of need to accomplish specific goals, from construction, renovation, medical work and more.


1 Day Volunteer In Jamaica Orphanage Trips

For the vacationer, business traveler or volunteers with limited time, our 1-day volunteer in Jamaica orphanage trips can afford you a full day of giving back.


What You Can Do On Your Volunteer Abroad Orphanage Project

You can participate in many activities from helping the children with homework, preparing meals or even take on a construction project. Scroll down to browse and select the project you would like to partake in to learn more.


Project Completion

Upon the completion of your volunteer overseas orphanage project, we will award you with a Volunteer Certificate, signed by our Managing Director.


Over 4 Years Proven Track Record

Jamaica International Projects has been in operation since 2014 helping volunteers, interns and students find the perfect volunteer orphanage abroad programs in Jamaica. Our past clients usually leave glowing reviews about our programs and are eager to return.


Safety, Support & Impact

The three defining principles of our company are the safety and security of our volunteers, world-class customer support and impactful projects that changes not only the lives of our volunteers but of Jamaicans as well.


Self Improvement

Our volunteer in Jamaica orphanage projects will help you escape the busy routine of your life, while you explore and discover new skills, and increase your employability by gaining international experience while living in a new cultural landscape.


Support A Local Business

Our company is self-funded and run by a small Jamaican family. There is a popular saying in Jamaica that goes “small ax falls tall tree”, which means that even though we are a small team, we strive to make a huge difference.


We Work With Volunteers Of All Kind

We accept volunteers of varying ages, sexual orientation, gender, cultural backgrounds, races, and social standings. Whether you volunteer as an individual, couple or group, we will treat you like a member of our own family.


Our Amazing Alumni Program

As an ambassador, you can go and spread the word about your experience with Jamaica International Projects and receive discounts for repeat trips, gain amazing perks or earn cash in our referral program. Successful completion of your overseas orphanage volunteer work program grants automatic enrollment in our alumni program.

We offer a number of flexible accommodation options across Jamaica for our Volunteer Orphanage Abroad projects. From quiet and quaint homestays where you will live with a local family, to hotels equipped with bars and swimming pools, our accommodations are as varied as our projects.


Accommodation Options

Barnett’s Homestay

Family run dorm style home for projects in Kingston and St. Catherine


Grand Port Royal Hotel

3 Star hotel outside of Kingston for groups and some set volunteer projects


Choose Your Own

If you want a volunteer placement only we can help arrange your housing

Airport Pickup

Full orphanage volunteer opportunities abroad projects include airport pickup at the Norman Manley International Airport or Sangster International Airport, depending on where you will be staying.


Daily Transfers

Each day, you will be transferred from your accommodation directly to your project by a team member. We will also pick you up at your volunteer abroad orphanage project at the agreed upon time and transfer you either back to the accommodation, to change money/purchase supplies or to a cultural activity/excursion, depending upon your itinerary. This is for full and 1-day volunteer projects only.


Tour Transfers

For your tours/adventures, you will have a Program Advisor accompanying you to point out important landmarks and to function as a guide. You will be transferred to and from all excursions and outings.


Return To Airport

At the end of your project, we will provide return transportation to the airport, bus stop or another pre-arranged point near to your accommodation. This is only included for full projects.


Placement Only Transportation Add-On

For placement only volunteer abroad orphanage projects, we can take care of all your transportation needs for you for a fee. This includes all the transfers listed above, such as airport round trips, transportation to and from your volunteer projects daily and cultural immersion adventures/excursions.

Community Development
Online Projects
Deal & Discount
Deal & Discount

Relaunch Special


Volunteer In Jamaica Orphanage Today

If you would like to leave a lasting memory on the minds and hearts of children in Jamaica, then our volunteer overseas orphanage program is definitely right for you. You will be amazed at the love and affection these children show you, despite their circumstances.

Come prepared to sing, dance, play games, and match the eagerness of the children as they ask you questions about yourself and your culture. Beyond all of this though if you are bold and well equipped enough, you can really make an impact by going behind the scenes and investigating how you can use the skills, experience, and tools you have at your disposal to make lasting changes.


  • This has been a fabulous trip, 18 months planning resulted in our having as near as perfect experience as possible. Spending time in the children’s home was life-changing and bonds made with the home will last a long time. The Grand Port Royal hotel was a great place to stay and was more than we expected.

    The caterers provided us with great food and were so accommodating when we were late. The excursions were amazing and all of it was made possible by the fantastic attention to detail by the wonderful Jomo.

    Joanne Lamber
    Joanne Lambert
    Girlguiding Leader | Volunteer Orphanage Abroad
  • Incredible authentic experience. A fantastic first experience of Jamaica! The volunteer aspect was well organized and incredibly worthwhile. The experience and bonds made will last forever. The excursions were well thought out and gave a real authentic experience of the country.

    One of the best trips I’ve ever done and I am so impressed with every aspect of the project and especially loved the Jamaican food every night.

    Holly Emmerson
    Holly Emmerson
    Girlguiding Leader | Volunteer Abroad Orphanage
  • We volunteered by painting the girl’s dorms at Jamaica National Children’s Home. It was the most wonderful experience as we really got to know the girls and their personalities. I really enjoyed spending time with the children and playing with them.

    It truly was an amazing experience. The excursions really immersed us in the culture of Jamaica. The food and accommodation were lovely and gave us an authentic experience of Jamaica.

    Saffy Trueman
    Girlguiding Leader | Volunteer Overseas Orphanage
  • A fantastic experience with memories that I will share back home and that will stay with me forever. We have had an amazing two weeks in Jamaica. It has been a full programme and a good mix of volunteering at the children’s home, plus visiting different attractions around the island.

    At the children’s home, I spent most of my time decorating which was hot and sweaty work, but it was very satisfying to see and hear the difference we had made. Our sightseeing days were long and busy days, but there was so much to see and do – from climbing waterfalls to swimming in the sea to visiting a plantation.

    Food and hotel have been good and everyone has been friendly and welcoming. Thanks for the great experience.

    Jo Ross
    Jo Ross
    Girlguiding Leader | Volunteer in Jamaica Orphanage
  • My whole experience in Jamaica has been amazing. Working in the home and seeing the bedrooms, bathrooms, and corridor of the girl’s part being made to look more decorative and seeing the girls smiles when asked if they liked it. The hotel was perfect, it is by the sea. Lovely friendly, helpful staff and the caterers who came in were wonderful. They catered for all of us. We tried a lot of different Jamaican dishes and they were wonderful and took requests.

    Tricia Collen
    Girlguiding Leader | Overseas Orphanage Volunteer Work
  • During my time in Jamaica with Jamaica International Projects, I have had a very enjoyable time. The volunteering gave me a fantastic experience that I will never forget. The excursions we were able to do gave us an authentic vision and experience in Jamaica.

    The food was amazing and nobody ever went away hungry, and whenever we needed to buy lunch we were always given plenty of options for food. The accommodation was very good and the staff at the hotel very useful. Jomo Barnett was an amazing guide and support during our time in Jamaica.

    Emily Solloway
    Emily Solloway
    Girlguiding Leader | Orphanage Volunteer Opportunities Abroad
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