Project Fees (2020-2022)

All prices below are listed in United States Dollars (USD).

Important Notes About Our Fees

  • Credit card payments attract a processing fee of 5%. For international wire transfers, a total fee of $75 USD will apply.
  • Terms and Conditions apply to all projects.
  • You can convert the fees below using the XE currency converter.
  • Couples and Group receive a 25% discount off Processing Fees.

Project Processing Fees

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Project Type1 PersonGroup RateBook Project
JIP Annual Volunteer Membership™$49N/AJOIN
Volunteer Placement Only Processing Fee$249$149BOOK
Internship Placement Only Processing Fee$349$249BOOK
Virtual Volunteer Processing Fee$299N/ABOOK
Remote Internship Processing Fee$799N/ABOOK
Study Abroad$299$249CONTACT US
1 Day Volunteering$120$75BOOK

Note: All project processing fees are non-refundable.

Placement Processing Fees Include:

All processing fees include the following services unless otherwise stated on the project page

  • Pre-arrival support and assistance
  • Sourcing volunteer, study, internship, or mentorship project
  • 24-hour in-country support for full projects
  • Orientation and support documentation on the day of arrival
  • Jamaican culture lessons (certificate awarded at the end)
  • Jamaican Patois lessons (certificate awarded at the end)
  • Volunteer, study, or internship certificate upon successful completion of your program
  • Successful program grants pre-approval for alumni discounts and perks
  • 10% Discount off all tours and adventures

Additional Services

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Local Housing Agency Fee $99An experienced member of our team will help you book your Accommodation, Transportation, and Airport Pickup.
Emergency Booking Fee$99Any project booked less than 30 days before the start date attract an emergency booking fee. We require 30 days notice to ensure we have enough time to arrange a meaningful project for our clients.


We love giving discounts. Here is a full breakdown of our discount setup:

  • Everyone joining our projects receive a 10% discount on all tours and cultural immersion add-ons by our partner websites
  • When you rebook a volunteer, internship, or study abroad project, you will receive a 50% discount off your volunteer processing fee. (alumni perk)
  • If you book another project within 3 months of returning home from 1 of our projects, then you will receive a 15% discount off your entire project cost (alumni perk)


Wondering where to get the funds to cover the processing fees and the cost of your trip to Jamaica? Fundraising may be your best option. We have created a detailed Fundraising Guide that you can use to get great ideas to raise funds for your trip or register for a crowdfunding campaign. We also offer sponsorship letters that you could give to schools, businesses, family, and friends back home to raise funds to cover your fees and the cost of your trip.

Project Extension

While you are in Jamaica, you can extend your project duration, provided that your visa allows it. The prices of extensions vary by project, so you should contact your Project Advisor for more information about the cost of project extensions.

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