Why We Are Unique

Jamaica International Projects is a family owned and operated Jamaican company. We strive to offer visitors to the island the chance to truly immerse in the Jamaican culture, an opportunity not offered by luxurious hotels and resorts.

All of our services are offered in a professional and efficient manner. From the moment you contact us to your return to the airport to head back home, you will know that you are dealing with a team that truly cares about you, and have your best interest at heart. We believe that traveling abroad should be a life-changing experience, so we offer the support necessary to help all of our clients depart with a newfound love for Jamaica in their hearts.

Here Are Some Of The Unique Services That We Offer:


We aim to offer affordable packages for our clients. Our rates are likely the most affordable in all of the Caribbean, for the quality accommodation and the level of services offered.


You will receive 24/7 support while in Jamaica in case of emergencies. Unlike at a hotel, we support you as long as you are on the island, even if your emergency happens at your project. We are always here to help you, whenever you need it.

Trained Staff

Our highly trained and qualified staff know Jamaica like the back of our hands, and we have many years’ experience in dealing with visitors from overseas. We will be there for you on your activities and at your accommodation, so you can learn our culture fast, and receive instant updates.

Impactful Projects

We go deep into communities in dire need and locate projects that need your assistance. That means that you will never go on a project with us and sit around bored with nothing to do. Because of our involvement with several local schools, churches, and organizations, we have a massive list of needs that require your assistance to complete.

Safety and Security

This is our number 1 priority. That is why we house our clients in secured accommodations and assign a Program Advisor to accompany clients to their project on the first day to help them settle in and get accustomed to the environment. We also provide tour guides on cultural immersion tours and excursions.

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