The Best Study Abroad Programs In Jamaica From Elite Short Term Study Abroad Companies

Jamaica has much to offer, being a prime site for some of the best study abroad programs in the entire Caribbean. A warm tropical climate, our vibrant culture, rich history, beautiful rivers and beaches, a plethora of natural attractions and reggae music make us a highly sought after location for these such projects.

There are literally hundreds of things to learn in Jamaica, whether you are developing a credit-bearing faculty-led study abroad program, engaging in a student service learning exercise, or you are traveling as a single student looking to get enrolled in a Jamaican university for a semester or two to earn credits. No field of study is out of bounds, whether you are practicing medicine, conservation, history, agriculture, engineering or general education, you are guaranteed to find a customizable project just for you. That is our guarantee as one of the best study abroad companies in Jamaica.

Step Out Of The Classroom And Into The Real World

No textbook or lecture can give you the hands-on knowledge that experiencing something yourself can provide, which is why a short term study abroad project is such a valuable commodity. Studying the effects of global warming on the oceans and seas? Wouldn’t going to Hellshire beach in St. Catherine and interviewing residents and fishermen who have lived there all of their lives be more effective than merely Googling beach erosion?

How about medical or agricultural students who are interested in the developing medical marijuana industry? Doesn’t visiting a legal medical marijuana farm here in Jamaica, learning how the crop is grown, harvested and processed and interviewing staff sound like an awesome experience?

If you are ready to begin planning a unique short term study abroad experience today, continue reading and select the program you would like to join.

Why Study With Jip
Sample Curriculum
Housing & Living


1 week to 3 months


Course Dates

Year round (fully customizable)


Maximum Student/Facilitator Group Sizes



Credits Awarded

Can be arranged for our study abroad programs


Services Included

  • Full pre-arrival support and planning
  • Guidance, advice, and research
  • Airport transportation
  • All in-country transportation
  • Daily meals (breakfast and dinner)
  • Pre-arrival liaison with local professors and lecturers
  • Securing lecture halls
  • Accommodation booking
  • 24-hour emergency support while in Jamaican
  • Orientation, support documentation, and local assistance
  • Cultural activities such as Patois classes, cooking lessons, dance classes and more
  • Arrange educational field trips such as a coffee plantation, rum making, visiting a Rastafarian village etc
  • Enjoy bucket list worthy adventures such as swimming with dolphins, zip lining, beach horseback riding and more


Not Included

  • Flights
  • Insurance (we can help you get coverage)
  • Direct college credit (would need to be arranged)
  • Any additional expenses


Having been under both Spanish and British colonization, to our independence, Jamaica has a rich and vast history that will surely be a major teaching point



Jamaican cuisine is second to none. Jerk, patties, exotic seasonal fruits/vegetables, rum, and coffee are some popular staples of our food



Our culture is truly a unique and fascinating one. Learn the lifestyle of the average Jamaican, as well as other aspects such as Rastafarianism, religion, our economy and more



English is our official language, however, from the moment you arrive you will hear Patois, our local dialect. We can personally give you a full Patois lesson



The tropical marine climate that Jamaica boasts makes it an ideal location for study abroad programs all year round, whether winter, spring, summer or fall



It is no secret of the beauty that Jamaica boasts, such as white sandy beaches, towering mountains, lush rainforests, stunning bodies of water and more



Our motto is “out of many, one people”, which perfectly encompasses religion in Jamaica. We have the most churches per square mile in the world for a reason



Local galleries, performing arts theatres, famous restaurants and bars, and a vibrant nightlife scene make Jamaica a hot spot for recreation, arts & entertainment

This is a sample itinerary for 1 Week study abroad trips

Day 1 – Arrive At Airport in Jamaica

Arrive at the airport in Montego Bay or Kingston, depending upon your accommodation location. We will pick you up from the airport and transfer you to your accommodation. You will be formally welcomed and receive your orientation.


Day 2 – Visit Local University For Lecture

Commence the best study abroad programs by visiting a local university for a lecture from a local professor/lecturer, whom you can liaise with before you arrive in Jamaica. Tour a local university, meet and interact with local students, visit their bookstore and more.


Day 3 – Cultural Field Trip

Visit Creighton estate to see how coffee is grown, harvested, processed and packaged, learn how rum and sugar are made, visit a local farm/factory, spend a day at a local zoo or much more.


Day 4 – Historic Field Trip

A walking tour of a historic town like Falmouth or Port Royal, an experience at Devon House or Rose Hall Great House, Lover’s Leap or visiting a Maroon village are all unique cultural experiences that are sure to give you an insight on Jamaican history.


Day 5 – Explore Your City & Nightlife

Today you will explore the city where you are staying, either Kingston or Montego Bay. Visit some of the top points of interests, like Dr’s Cave beach or Rockland Bird Sanctuary in Montego Bay, or Devon House, Craft Market or Bob Marley Museum in Kingston. For nightlife go out on the town to explore at some of the hot spots.


Day 6 – Food, Language & Religion

A Jamaican cooking class, Patois lesson, and presentation or visiting a local church or mosque are 3 educational activities that could be arranged on this day.


Day 7 – Adventure/Excursion

For your final day, you can relax and unwind with an amazing adventure excursion, such as going zip lining, swimming with dolphins, climbing waterfalls or going scuba diving. There are over a dozen other adventures that you can choose from.


Day 8 – Depart Jamaica

Leave Jamaica with new memories, having learned a lot about the Jamaican culture and having accomplished your goals on the best study abroad programs.

The prices of our study abroad trips are as varied as our study abroad programs themselves. The key factors that determine the prices are the accommodation is chosen, the length of the study abroad program, the activities and excursions included, as well as the group size.


Standard Study Abroad Prices


Study Abroad Processing Fees (Add to total)

Project Type 1 Person 5 or more (per person)
Non Refundable Processing Fee $300 $200

Study Abroad Grand Port Royal Hotel Accommodation Package

Type Of Room 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks Extra Weeks
Dorm (6 People) $1,075 $1,850 $2,725 $3,600 $875
Double (2 Beds) $1,215 $2,130 $3,145 $4,160 $1,015

Study Abroad Barnett’s Homestay Accommodation Package

Type Of Room 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks Extra Weeks
Dorm (6 People) $830 $1,360 $1,990 $2.620 $630
Double (2 Beds) $935 $1,570 $2,305 $3,040 $735

About Our Prices

The prices above are the standard study abroad Jamaica packages using our accommodation partners. You can add cultural field trips, adventures, and outings to your trip, all of which can be provided at additional costs. We can also provide lunch, additional transfers and more.


Currently, our partner accommodations are the Grand Port Royal Hotel and the Barnett’s Homestay, with each having their own charms and varying amenities. From time to time we will be partnering with additional accommodations, however, our study abroad projects remain fully customizable, so we can have your group booked with any accommodation in any area of Jamaica, from private villas, rented houses/mansions, student living quarters at universities or even 5-star hotels.



Our food is second to none, and at Jamaica International Projects we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a wide range of delicious food, consisting of both local and international dishes. We cater to all diets and dietary restrictions, such as gluten allergies, hypertension, diabetes, vegans and more. This level of services is rarely offered by other study abroad companies.


Faculty Leader/Chaperone Support

Faculty leaders, group leaders, and chaperones receive our full support and consideration, so if you are planning a trip we will work closely with you from the moment you contact us, and even long after you have successfully completed your trip.

  • Group leaders can receive discounts, or in some cases can even join for free
  • Study abroad processing fees are waived for all leaders/chaperones
  • We will work on arranging any special requests you may have, such as, such as arranging meeting/teaching areas at your accommodation, furnishing projectors, desks, chairs, and whiteboards, arranging meetings with local lecturers and more
  • We also offer excellent support services such as birthday packages for students in your group with birthdays, provide you with a local cell phone with data while you are in Jamaica, provide complimentary water and refreshments during transfers and much more


Cleaning Done Daily

For study abroad projects that use our partner accommodations, we ensure that your room will be cleaned daily. This includes changing sheets frequently, making all beds, emptying trash cans and thorough cleaning of bathrooms.

Study Abroad Categories


Gain real work experience while being placed in a professional environment where you can hone your craft

University Study Abroad

Programs specifically made for university groups/students. This includes service learning & alternative trips

High School Study Abroad

Programs made for high school groups looking to give back while learning about Jamaica and being a citizen of the world.

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International Veterinary Internships Abroad In Jamaica

International Veterinary Internships Abroad

1 Week to 3 Months
Availability : Year Round
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1 Week to 3 Months
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Medical Internships Abroad In Jamaica

Medical Internships Abroad In Jamaica

1 Week to 3 Months
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International Marketing Internships Abroad

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Law & Legal Internships Abroad In Jamaica

1 Week to 3 Months
Availability : Year Round
International Journalism Internships Abroad In Jamaica

Journalism Internships Abroad In Jamaica

1 Week to 3 Months
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International Hospitality Internships Abroad In Jamaica

International Hospitality Internships Abroad In Jamaica

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Engineering Internships Abroad In Jamaica

1 Week to 3 Months
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