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By joining a childcare volunteer abroad project in Jamaica, you can put yourself in the position to do some real good. While popular for warm beaches, sunny climates, and reggae music, the island is not as ‘alright’ as the world thinks, at least not for the children who have to live in childcare facilities for 1 reason or another.

By taking the time to volunteer in Jamaica and actively playing a role to help improve the lives of our children, you can get the unique opportunity to not only work with the kids and their guardians at childcare facilities across the island, but also make some important discoveries about yourself along the way.

A volunteer work orphanages abroad project will allow you to choose what area of Jamaica you would like to volunteer in, as well as affords you greater flexibility with your budget as you arrange your own transportation, accommodation, and meals.


Childcare Volunteer Abroad Placement Only Locations

You will be placed in an orphanage, children home or child care facilities in Kingston, or Montego Bay.

Number Of Volunteers

Couples, groups, and individuals are all welcome to join this project. We work with groups of up to 30 volunteers. Groups larger than 30 may still contact us and we will make special provisions.


No academic qualification needed, however you should enjoy working with children of varying ages.

Ideal Volunteers

  • Teens and young adults
  • Mature volunteers
  • Couples and families
  • Corporate groups
  • Professionals
  • Business owners
  • High school and university classes
  • Girl guides/scouts
  • Anyone who loves working with children
  • Vacationers


You need no experience to enter our volunteer work orphanages abroad project, though any experience you do have could be applied to your project. Be sure to let us know of any skills or experience you have that would help the children and the home.

Volunteer Days And Hours

Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm are the usual volunteer hours, though these may be altered by yourself or the site where you will volunteer. The ideal day for you to begin your childcare volunteer abroad work is on a Monday, so it is advised that you arrive in Jamaica no later than the Sunday before you begin. If you have to come during the week you will still be accepted.

Planning Your Project Activities

Following your application and acceptance into our childcare volunteer abroad project, your Project Advisor will contact you to discuss the activities you would like to engage in with the children. This is a great time for both of you to brainstorm and begin planning your project to ensure your trip is as impactful as possible. Some ideas you could think about include:

  • Helping children with homework after school
  • Caring for babies and small children (not all homes house babies)
  • Helping house mothers in the kitchen to prepare meals
  • Teaching the children reading and writing exercises
  • Organizing Arts and Crafts sessions
  • Playing games and telling stories
  • Sharing your culture and experiences
  • Organizing mini fashion shows or other fun activities
  • Setting up sports activities/exercises, matches, tournaments and more
  • Painting areas of the home, assist with yard work, repair broken furniture and help with cleaning
  • Mentoring the children in 1 on 1 or group sessions to help them overcome individual issues
  • Planning special activities based on your career, skills, and talents
  • Sponsoring and mentoring a child that needs assistance
  • After you depart you can decide to sponsor a child to keep in contact and offer assistance

These are just some examples. Feel free to discuss any other activities you would like to engage in during your project.

Your First Day

On the first day of your volunteer work orphanages abroad project, a Program Advisor will accompany you to the children’s home, where you will be introduced to the staff and given a tour of the property. We will spend some time to ensure that you are settled in comfortably and that you know what you will be doing for the remainder of the day.

We will also make the necessary arrangements so that you know where you can purchase lunch.

Project Completion

Upon the successful completion of your volunteer work orphanages abroad project, we will award you with a Volunteer Certificate, signed by our Managing Director. We would also be happy to sign any documents that you would need to prove community service hours.

Resources For Your Childcare Volunteer Abroad Project

Oftentimes the orphanages and childcare facilities will not have adequate resources for the children. It would be a big help if you are able to raise funds and do a collection drive back home so that you could bring these resources with you to Jamaica. We will send you a list of needed resources for the facility you are placed in, as well as those needed for the activities you have chosen.

Recommended To Take With You

In order for your volunteer work orphanages abroad experience to be completely fulfilling, we recommend that you take along the following items with you:

  • Money to purchase lunch – lunch in Jamaica is very affordable and would cost about $3-$5 USD per day
  • Insect repellent to prevent mosquito and bug bites
  • Supplies to assist with your project
  • A camera to take pictures
  • Sunscreen if you intend to play in the sun or sunbathe
  • A reusable water bottle
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Notebook or electronic device to take notes
  • Cash for any shopping or excursions
  • Water shoes if you plan on swimming



Volunteer work orphanages abroad Placement Only projects do not include accommodation, meals, or transportation, so you will be responsible for securing your own housing while on this project. This is an ideal choice for volunteers who own property or have family in Jamaica, are on the island for business or vacation and already have accommodation booked, or those on a budget who prefer to book their own rooms using Airbnb and other booking engines.

Our Accommodation Book Services

For an additional cost, we can provide our accommodation booking services where we provide a list of suitable accommodation options that are near to your volunteer site. This would eliminate the guesswork and hours of research on your end.

If you are interested in this service select it as an add-on when you are making your booking.


Our Transport Services

For an extra cost, we can provide you with all the transportation services you will need while on your childcare volunteer abroad project. These include the following:

 • Airport pickup
• Airport return
• Daily transportation to and from your volunteer site
• Cultural immersion tours and excursions roundtrip transfers
• Any outing such as shopping trips, visiting the atm, going out on the town etc.
• Emergency support transportation (can be purchased as an add-on)


NB: All prices below are quoted in USD and are based per person

Volunteer Work Orphanages Abroad Processing Fee (Added to Total)

1 Person – $300
3 or more people – $240 per person

Add-on Packages

Airport Pickup – $40
Airport Return – $40
Weekly Project Transfer Round Trip – $150
Emergency Support Services – $100
Accommodation Booking Services – $100
Travel Medial Insurance – Pricing Varies

Price Includes

  • Pre-arrival support and assistance
  • Sourcing volunteer work orphanages abroad project placement
  • Brief orientation and support documentation on the day of arrival
  • Volunteer certificate upon successful completion of your program
  • Successful program grants pre-approval for alumni discounts and perks
  • 10% Discount off all tours and adventures

Price Excludes

  • Visa application cost or fees (if applicable)
  • Accommodation
  • Any meals
  • Personal shopping money
  • Airfare expenses or taxes
  • Travel insurance
  • Cultural immersion tours and adventures
  • Gratuities (recommended)

Payment Methods

Our childcare volunteer abroad program offers two payment methods for you to choose from; Credit Card (you will pay a 4% processing fee) or Wire Transfer (you must cover all wire transfer fees).

After you book we will send you payment instructions.


Step One (Research and Booking)

Read through the information on this page to determine if our childcare volunteer abroad placement only project is right for you. If you have decided to book this project, proceed to the booking form, enter the relevant information and select any add-ons that you would like to add, if any. By submitting the booking form you will NOT be making a binding commitment to join the project, however, it will allow us to better advise and assist you in booking the best volunteer project for you.

If you are interested in this project but you are not ready to book, please complete our enquiry form, utilize the live chat option, give us a call or send us an email for more information.

Step Two (Follow Up Interview)

A Project Advisor will review your application form for our volunteer work orphanages abroad project and contact you within 24 hours via email, Skype, Google Hangouts or telephone. You will get a chance to discuss your goals, skills, fundraising and ask us any questions. You may also schedule an interview to learn more about us and tell us more about yourself and your goals.

After the interview, if you are successful, we will then proceed to send you a request for payment of the processing fee, as well as any add-ons selected. By making a payment you will secure your space in this project. Only then will your project be guaranteed.

Step Three (Document Submission)

After making the payment, and submitting your volunteer application you will be sent a list of documents that you need to submit. Please submit these documents as soon as possible, so if you are planning to join this program then you should start the process of obtaining them from now. These documents are:

• 2 Reference letters (1 personal, 1 professional)
• 1 recent photo id (passport, national id, school id or driver’s license)
• 1 police report/criminal background check
• Proof of travel insurance (if you do not have insurance you can purchase it here)
• Flight itinerary (if airport pickup is opted for)

Step 4 (Finalizing Payments)

Once you are accepted into childcare volunteer abroad project, have submitted the relevant documents and have secured your placement with a payment, you will need to cover all your remaining expenses, such as any cultural immersion/adventure costs, add-on costs or any outstanding processing fees owed. If you wish to update your package during or after this period please contact your Program Advisor.

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