Impactful Programs

How Our Projects Allow Volunteers, Interns & Students To Make A Lasting Impact

When sourcing partners for our projects, the primary focus on our end is whether our volunteers, interns, and students will be able to make a lasting impact by joining. If the answer is no, then we do not offer those projects. Our team here at Jamaica International Projects is determined to offer meaningful programs, rather than being another mindless drone in the “voluntourism” cycle.

Our projects are sustainable and designed to provide a massive impact on all participants, as well as the development of Jamaica on a whole. We strive to place our volunteers, interns, and students in areas they will be able to utilize their skills, knowledge, and experience to the fullest, and in projects that are the most suitable for them.

Our 5 Core Principles In Ensuring Maximum Impact For Our Projects & Participants

Only Suitable Project Locations

We only work with volunteer and internship projects where assistance is truly needed or locations where participants will gain the most experience.

Volunteers & Interns Who Qualify

Our application process is quite thorough, and we only accept participants who are appropriately qualified or experienced in the areas they are volunteering, interning or studying in. While this is more relaxed for teens, all participants are expected to have a deep interest in the subject area they wish to engage in.

Fundraising Guidance

We encourage all volunteers who join our projects to actively fundraise back home from the moment they are accepted so that they can take along donations of cash or kind to donate to their volunteer project. For example, a dental volunteer could take a suitcase of toothbrushes and mini toothpaste, and a childcare volunteer could take along clothes and toys.

Safety For Locals And Participants

We are keen on the safety of our participants, as well as our local partners. This is why applicants are required to submit references and criminal background checks, to ensure that we do not put any wards or employees of our project partners at risk. This also applies to the opposite scenario, and we thoroughly and continuously vet our partners to ensure our participants are not placed in harm’s way or uncomfortable situations.


We have a zero-discrimination policy, which means everyone is welcome to join our projects regardless or gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or social standing.

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