Employability Boost

Each project offered by Jamaica International Projects is aimed at 3 aspects of empowering our participants: impactful projects, 100% support, and professional development. Our projects are designed to positively impact all participants, both our volunteers, students or interns; as well as our local beneficiaries. By joining our projects, you will undergo professional development by gaining an understanding of local issues, actively participating in, and providing solutions to issues that will stand the test of time, as well as getting on the job experience in your field of study or expertise.

Experience with another culture, coupled with volunteer or internship hours are crucial components to any resume, CV or application in this day and age. You will receive all of these and much more when you join a project with us.

Programs We Offer To Help Boost Your Employability


Volunteering is an excellent method of gaining personal and professional advancement while giving back for the greater good.


International internships grant on the job experience, work hours, improve leadership skills and expand one’s professional network.


Study abroad programs can cover volunteer hours, as well as provide credits for service learning and other school group related projects.

15 Reasons How Our Projects Provide Professional Development

Training Courses

Jamaican Culture Introductory Course

Each full project includes lessons on the Jamaican culture, language, customs, traditions etc.

Patois Classes

Patois is the dialect spoken in Jamaica. We offer lessons on how to speak, read and write it

Cooking Classes

Learn about Jamaican fruits, spices, and vegetables, as well as how to prepare local favorites

Educational Field Trips

Join some field trips to visit bee farms, rum/sugar factories, fishing trips and more

Cultural Immersion Activities

Visit Rastafarian villages, legal marijuana farms, churches, and local nightlife

Portfolio Enhancement

Unique Project

Complete a unique project where you will hone your skills and gain experience

Recommendations & References

After your project, we will gladly provide you with references if requested

Social Shout Outs

We shout out our successful volunteers and interns on social media

Professional Mentorship

Full projects include weekly mentorship sessions with our team

Alumni Network

Join our alumni network and display that you are a proud member

Professional Skills

International Experience

Gain international experience that will place a gold star on your CV and resume

True Cultural Immersion

There is no better way to learn about the Jamaican cultural than by living it

Network Development

Develop your professional network by working with local experts practicing in your field

Independence & Critical Thinking Skills

While you will be guided, you will still need to exert a level of independence and adaptability

Volunteer/Field Hours

Complete volunteer or internship hours for your course. Groups may even earn course credits

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