2019 Discounts And Special Offers From Jamaica International Projects

jomo barnett

Jomo Barnett

Jan 19, 2019

In line with our grand relaunch, we have decided to offer some deals and specials as our gift to our past, current, and future clients. In this blog post, we will explain all the deals and promotions we currently have going on, and how you can take advantage of them.

Read through until the end for a special offer, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

Relaunch Special

As a bonus for our 5 year anniversary, we are offering a special discounted program. You can choose from a wide range of volunteer projects including child care, teaching, sports and more. By joining this project you will receive a special discounted rate that you won’t find anywhere else, and this offer is limited and will be disabled later in the year. So if you have made up your mind that you want to join us and volunteer, now would be a good time to take this offer.

Project Type: Volunteer Discount Offer
Duration: 1 Week to 3 Months
Travel Dates: January 19 to July 28, 2019
Who Can Join: Anyone
Minimum Volunteers: 2 People (bring a friend)

Team Sunshine & Stars Volunteer Vacation

In 2017 we had a group of Girl Guide leaders volunteering in a children home in Kingston to renovate the girls’ dorms. The organizers of this trip will return in 2019 with a new volunteer group they founded, called Team Sunshine & Stars. Volunteers from around the world are welcome to join this trip, which includes a mixture of satisfying work with children and renovation, as well as a number of fun tours and adventures to some of Jamaica’s top attractions.

This group holds 20 spaces, and already has 5 filled, so if you wish to join this trip we recommend that you book your space as soon as possible.

Project Type: Volunteer Vacation
Duration: 2 Weeks
Travel Dates: August 1 to August 15, 2019
Who Can Join: Anyone
Minimum Volunteers: 1

Travel Internship 2019

As we are improving our brand, services and our business in its entirety, we figured what better opportunity for a travel/hospitality student or professional to gain experience in the industry than by working directly with us. That is why we have the unique offer of a Travel Internship where interns will be placed directly into Jamaica International Projects.

By joining this project you will have the opportunity to use your skills and knowledge to help us improve the systems and processes we use to better help our clients, as well as our volunteer partners. You will also get to work directly with our team to learn how the entire travel/tourism industry in Jamaica operates. This is a dream offer for anyone looking for work experience in the travel/volunteer/hospitality industry.

Project Type: Internship
Duration: 1 Week to 3 Months
Travel Dates: Year round 2019
Who Can Join: Hospitality or business students or travel professionals
Minimum Interns: 1

Stop Waiting! Book Right Now!

And there you have it! A list of all the current deals and promotions we have going on, including our Relaunch Special, Team Sunshine & Stars Volunteer Vacation, and our Travel Internship. If you wish to join any of the deals above, be sure to book them now, as they won’t be available forever! As we arrange more deals and specials throughout the year, we will continue to update this blog post, so come back to it from time to time to check out our latest specials.

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