Volunteer With Animals Abroad In Jamaica

Additional Info
  • Processing Fee: $150 - $300 USD
  • Dates Available: Year round
  • Volunteer Site: Kingston, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios
  • Max Participants: 30
  • Age Range: 12 - 85
  • Minimum Stay: 1 week
  • Maximum Stay: 3 months
  • Our Social Work: We donate 5% to charity
  • Group Discount: Yes (5 or more travelers)
  • Tour Discount: 10% off all tours/excursions

Volunteer Abroad Animals Project Placements In Jamaica

Are you an animal lover? Seeking an opportunity to travel abroad to help rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected and unloved animals? Or are you a practicing veterinary student seeking volunteer abroad animals projects to gain some practical experience in an animal clinic or hospital?


Regardless of your motives, you should come to Jamaica and join our international veterinary volunteer programs to make your dream a reality. Many pet owners in Jamaica cannot afford to properly care or groom their pets, and have no choice but to abandon them, leaving the animals to roam the streets freely.


As a result these animals are therefore forced to live on the streets, and often times go hungry, are disease and parasite ridden, become a nuisance to communities by rummaging through garbage and worst of all, are sometime hit and killed by vehicles. By joining our program you can either help pet owners care for their pets, or work with abandoned and stray animals.


This is your chance to travel to Jamaica to help make this country a better place for all animals, while gaining valuable experience when you volunteer abroad with animals. Let Jamaica International Projects help you by pairing you with local organizations dedicated to caring for animals.


Some Types Of Organizations That You Can Be Placed With Include:

Animal Shelters
Veterinary Clinics
Animal Hospitals


While You Are Volunteering With Animals Abroad You Can Perform The Following Tasks:

  • *Assisting with dental check-ups to check teeth and oral cavity
  • *Screening for common diseases
    *Microchip identification and insertion
  • *Assist and observe in performing surgical procedures
  • *Work with a local team to resolve emergency cases
  • *Educate pet owners on proper care of pets
  • *Assist with lab work such as heartworm tests, blood tests etc.
  • *Help with testing for parasites
  • *Pet maintenance services such as vaccination, bird grooming and applying internal medicine
  • *Help with reproductive services such as spaying and neutering, artificial insemination, ultrasonography etc.
  • *Donate pet carriers, toys and equipment that you may have at home that are no longer in use
  • *Assist with feeding, cleaning and exercising dogs and cats in shelters and cleaning kennels
  • *For persons seeking volunteer abroad horses placements, we can make special arrangements with a stable to have you placed to provide basic care and feed horses
  • *Visit schools and communities to raise awareness and educate children and locals on how to care for animals, and how to report animal cruelty, abuse and neglect to the authorities
  • *There may be an option to adopt or purchase an animal while in Jamaica to become a lifelong member of your family to take back home!
  • *Help perform nose-to-tail physical check-ups, where you listen to the pets’ heart and lungs, test vision, check the ears, palpate skin, abdomen, lymph node, muscle and joints
Project Details

Volunteer With Animals Abroad Project Placement

You will be placed at either an animal shelter, clinic, veterinary centre or animal hospital in Kingston, Ocho Rios or Montego Bay.


Amount Of Participants:

This project is open to individuals, couples and groups. We can accommodate as many as 30 volunteers at a time, however pre booking is needed. Special arrangements are needed for larger groups.



No prior experience is needed to join our animal volunteer work abroad projects in Jamaica. However if you are a veterinary student or have experience working with animals, you may qualify for an advanced veterinary volunteer abroad placement where you can perform more complex duties.


Project Activities:

After you apply, our Program Advisor will contact you to discuss the activities that you would like to engage in during your project. Pre-planning is an important step to an impactful project, so please think carefully on what your goals are during this time.



Volunteers are encouraged to collect as many resources/donations as possible back home to contribute to the project where they will be volunteering before they depart. We will provide you with a list of their greatest needs during the application process.


This is NOT a mandatory step, and you can opt not to collect donations if you do not wish to do so.


If you are willing and able to collect donations, we will be happy to provide any support documentation that you may need to aid you in your fundraising efforts. We also encourage you to read our fundraising & crowdfunding guide for some fun tips on how to raise funds for your project here in Jamaica and collect donations.


Combine Experiences

Our volunteer overseas animals placement can be combined with the following projects:


Child Care & Orphanage
Business Coaching
Women Empowerment
Legal Aid
Special Needs
Sponsor A Child



We offer projects for a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 3 months. For trips longer than 3 months, you will need to contact us to check visa and other requirements.


Your First Day:

On the first day of your project, a Program Advisor will accompany you to your volunteer site where you will meet the local team and tour the property. The Program Advisor will ensure that you are fully settled in and are clear of your objectives before he/she departs. You will also be shown where to purchase lunch.



We provide company operated transportation to and from your project daily. We will work off the time indicated on your itinerary, so if you would like to spend more or less time at your project on a particular day, let us know so that we can pick you up at the desired time.


Project Completion:

Upon the completion of your project, we will present you with a signed Volunteer Certificate. We would also be happy to sign any documents that you would need to prove community service hours.


Recommended To Take With You:

In order for your animal orphanage volunteer abroad program to be completely fulfilling, we recommend that you take along the following items with you:


Money to purchase lunch – lunch in Jamaica is very affordable, and would cost about $3-$5 USD per day.
Insect repellent to prevent mosquito and bug bites
Supplies to assist with your project (if any)
A camera to take pictures
Sunscreen if you intend to play in the sun or sunbathe
A water bottle
Comfortable shoes

Dates and Costs
Processing Fee (Add to Total)
$150 USD


Shared Dorm Room In KINGSTON Hosted By JIP (USD)
1 Week $725
2 Weeks $1,270
3 Weeks $1,815
4 Weeks $2,360
5 Weeks $2,910
6 Weeks $3,455
7 Weeks $4,000
8 Weeks $4,545
Extra Weeks $545


Shared Dorm Room In KINGSTON GROUP RATES (5 or More Volunteers) (USD)
1 Week $699
2 Weeks $1,215
3 Weeks $1,735
4 Weeks $2,255
5 Weeks $2,775
6 Weeks $3,295
7 Weeks $3,810
8 Weeks $4,330
Extra Weeks $520


Private Room With Local Host (USD)
1 Week $990
2 Weeks $1,790
3 Weeks $2,580
4 Weeks $3,375
5 Weeks $4,170
6 Weeks $4,965
7 Weeks $5,760
8 Weeks $6,600
Extra Weeks $720


Placement Only Processing Fee
$300 USD

Volunteer Abroad Animals Prices Include:

*Pre-arrival support and assistance
*Sourcing volunteer project placement
*Orientation and support documentation on day of arrival
*Pickup from airport and transfer to accommodation.
*Private room with a local host near the parish your program is in (Kingston, St. Ann or Montego Bay.) Accommodation equipped with fans/air conditioning, double or queen bed, kitchen access, free wifi, cable television, bathroom and more.
*Full breakfast and dinner daily.
*Daily transportation to and from volunteer project
*24/7 in country support
*Certificate of participation upon successful completion of your volunteer program
*Return transfer to airport


Prices Do Not Include:

Visa application cost or fees (if applicable)
Daily lunch
Personal shopping money
Airfare expenses or taxes
Travel insurance (You can purchase an affordable travel health insurance plan here)
Weekend tour and adventure projects



Volunteer work abroad with animals in Jamaica is available all year round.


Project Dates & Times:

Projects normally run Monday through Friday, so we ask that volunteers arrive on the weekend, preferably Saturday. If you cannot come on a weekend, we will still accommodate you.


Afternoon & Weekends:

On weekends, and some weekday afternoons, you can opt to partake in our cultural immersion and excursion tours. This is the perfect opportunity for you to not only have fun and blow off steam, but also learn about our rich culture and experience our top attractions. View our excursions and adventure tours in Jamaica and purchase a tour package to maximize your experience.

Accommodation and Transportation



Where You Will Stay:

You will stay with a pre-vetted local host in houses or apartments that are equipped to accommodate our volunteers and interns. You will get a chance to experience the Jamaican culture first hand. On your application form you will select the area you would like to stay in, and choose from Kingston, Montego Bay, or St. Ann (Ocho Rios). All local hosts we work with are safe and will treat you like a member of the family.


Accommodation Features:

• Double or queen beds
• Air Conditioning or fans
• Private or shared bathrooms
• Cable television
• Free Wi-Fi access
• Closets
• Chest of drawer and night table
• Locker or safety box with lock (storage)


Group Accommodations

Groups joining our veterinary volunteer work abroad trips will be able to choose from a wide list of guest houses or hotels that we work with or manage to accommodate your members. You can choose accommodations in the most popular areas of Jamaica, equipped with dorm rooms, double rooms and private rooms and modern day amenities.



We provide all of our volunteers with orientation on your date of arrival. Once you are settled into your accommodation, you will be given your finalized itinerary and your orientation guide. During orientation we will go over project dates and times, transportation, meal times, cultural/excursion activities and you will be given tips on Jamaica.


Key Deposit:

We require a $20 USD key deposit to be paid during orientation. This will be refunded upon checkout once the keys are returned. If you lose your keys we will use your deposit to cover their replacement.


Welcome Meal:

On your date of arrival, following your orientation, you will be served with your welcome meal.


Daily Meals:

Your Package Cost covers breakfast and dinner daily. You will be served Jamaican cuisine during your stay. Indicate if you have any special dietary requirements on your application so that we can make preparations for you.




Airport Pickup:

Your animal care volunteer abroad Project Cost also covers the cost of airport pickup at the Norman Manley International Airport or Sangster International Airport, depending on where you will be staying. We will meet you at the airport with a sign saying Jamaica International Projects. You will be transferred directly from the airport to your accommodation.


You should book you flight to the airport that is nearest to the parish you will be staying in. We will advise you during application.


Daily Transfers:

Each day, you will be transferred from your accommodation directly to the site where you will be volunteering overseas with animals by a team member. We will also pick you up at your project at the agreed upon time and transfer you either back to the accommodation, to change money/purchase supplies or to a cultural activity/excursion, depending upon your itinerary.


Tour Transfers:

For your tours, you will have a Program Advisor accompanying you to point out important landmarks and to function as a guide. You will be transferred to and from all excursions and outings.


Return To Airport:

At the end of your project, we will provide return transportation to the airport.

How to Join Us


Read through the other information on this page about our international animal rescue volunteer program thoroughly and decide if it is the program for you.



Click APPLY NOW and complete the application form as thoroughly as possible. In the meantime start thinking of the activities that you would like to engage in during your project.



A Program Advisor will review your application and contact you within 24 hours via Skype, Google Hangouts or telephone. You will get a chance to discuss your goals, skills, fundraising and ask us any questions.


Secure Your Placement:

As soon as you are accepted, you will need to pay your Non-Refundable Processing Fee so that we can begin making your placement and processing your application. You may also pay a deposit or make payment in full once you are sure of your date of travel, because availability is on a first come first serve basis.


Submit Documentation:

After paying the processing you will be sent a list of documentation that you need to submit. We ask that you submit these documents as soon as possible, so if you are planning to join this program then you should start the process of obtaining them from now. These documents are:


• 2 Reference letters (1 personal, 1 professional)
• 1 recent photo id (passport, national id or driver's license)
• 1 police report/criminal background check
• Proof of travel insurance
• Flight itinerary


Finalize All Payments:

All payments must be finalized no later than 60 days before your travel date. This means that the entire package cost, including Processing Fee, Project Cost and Cultural Immersion/Excursion cost must be settled 60 days before your arrival date. You can update your cultural immersion/excursion package or purchase additional tours while you are in Jamaica.


You will receive updates on your project and itinerary via emails, phone calls and through Google+ or Skype calls.


Remember to read through our Terms and Condition Service Agreement to know your responsibilities if you embark on this program.

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