Buy The Best Travel Insurance Services From International Medical Group Inc


Although traveling abroad can be a very exciting experience, a medical emergency while abroad could potentially ruin your entire trip. This is why our team here at Jamaica International Projects insists that all travellers MUST be covered by some form of travel insurance services, preferably from International Medical Group Inc.


By their very nature, emergencies tend to happen when you least expect them. Imagine the horror of being thousands of miles away from home, and suddenly you suffer a sprained ankle. You are in excruciating pain, and need to be rushed to a private doctor immediately. The doctor examines your foot, and to your horror, you realize that your ankle has actually been broken.


The nearest orthopaedist is located in the United States, and you need to be airlifted. Sounds expensive right? Believe me, without overseas travel accident insurance, you would be stuck with a bill for thousands of dollars. If however, you were covered by travel health insurance, then your policy would cover most, or all of the costs.


If you still aren’t convinced, watch the video below to hear how an IMG policy saved Mark Kogelmann’s life on his trip abroad:


Now do you see the importance of having travel medical insurance coverage while travelling abroad? This is why we have partnered with the International Medical Group to provide affordable comprehensive plans for our clients.


About International Medical Group IMG

IMG Insurance has been a world leader in providing medical travel insurance online to millions of people in more than 170 countries around the world. Their packages can suite all of your travel insurance needs, whether you are travelling as an individual or as a group, or if you will be travelling for a few days or for over a year.


Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why We Have Chosen IMG Insurance Services:


  • Policies can be purchased quickly online

  • There is a policy for every person and every travel package

  • You have access to 24 hour support

  • They have a proven 20 year track record you can trust

  • Their policies meet Schengen visa insurance requirements

  • Policies can be purchased from anywhere in the world, for any destination imaginable


To begin browsing through the insurance plans available, follow a link below:


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