Rastafarian Religion & Rastafarian Culture Field Trip In Jamaica

Additional Info
  • Processing Fee: $200 USD per person
  • Room Types: Hotel Dorm, Double , Single
  • Dates Available: Year Round
  • Project Sites: St. Catherine, Kingston, St. Andrew
  • Max Participants: 30
  • Max Age: 85
  • Min Stay: 1 Week
  • Min Stay: 1 Week
  • Max Stay: 3 Months
  • Meals Included: Breakfast, Dinner
  • Transfers: To & from airport, Daily Transfers

Rastafarian Culture & Rastafarian Religion Educational Field Trip In Jamaica

Join this once in a lifetime experience if your group is interested in learning about the Rastafarian Religion, and how the followers of Rastafari live their lives. We will arrange for your group to receive a guided presentation and tour of a Rastafarian community, where they will explain all about the religion, including the food they eat, their beliefs in living in love and harmony with nature, traditional herbs, philosophy and more.


Your Rastafarian culture trip will begin on the banks of a river, and you will hear chanting and the beating of drums as you draw nearer and nearer to the village. After your tour of the Rasta community is completed, you will receive a tour of the kitchen displaying traditional herbs, spices and vegetables used in the Rastafarian diet, and you will also learn the nutritional and culinary significance of each ingredient.


Your Rastafarian tour guide will then provide your group with a presentation on Rastafarian history and explain important aspects of Rastafarianism beliefs and practices, the Rastafarian origin story, the importance that having Rasta dreads play and more.


Next, enter the meditative labyrinth, to reflect upon your life and your thoughts. Afterwards, your Rastafarian movement field trip will come to its conclusion with a traditional drum and chanting session, where you will be served herbal tea and fresh fruit while you enjoy the music. You may even join the drummers at the end.


At the end of your program, you will be served a lunch consisting of a traditional Rastafarian meal. You can also browse around the craft shops to purchase authentic Rastafarian Trinkets and souvenirs.


So if you are seeking to learn more about the Rasta culture in Jamaica by interacting with persons that practice the religion first hand, you should join our Rasta Educational Field Trip today!


Our Rasta Jamaica Trip Includes:

  • Transfer from Accommodation to Rastafarian Village
  • Guided tour of the Rastafarian village
  • Question and answer session
  • Herbal tea and fresh fruit
  • Rastafarian lunch
  • Complementary refreshments
  • Transfer from Rastafarian village back to accommodation (or other scheduled activities)


Learning Outcomes:


After the completion of this field trip, students will be able to:

• Give a detailed summary of what the Rastafarian Religion is all about
• Identify medicinal herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables that Rastafarians use daily
• See what the dwelling place of a Rastafarian looks like
• Learn the social and family structure of a Rastafarian Community
• Sample authentic Rastafarian food by enjoying a meal
• Explain the history and origin of Rastafarianism
• Identify the various genres used in Rastafarian music
• Explain the importance of the Rastafarian lion and what it symbolizes in the religion
• Explain what the colors of the Rasta flag each represent
• Identify the most prominent and important Rastafarian symbols
• Understand the level of importance placed on Rasta hair


If there is a specific topic that your group would like to discuss, please indicate it on your application form.


Recommended To Take With You:

• A camera to take pictures
• A notepad/tablet to take notes
• Tour guide/Chef tip (optional)
• Comfortable shoes for walking
• Sunscreen
• Insect repellent
• Cash to purchase souvenirs



3-4 hours (This is a half day experience)




All prices below are quoted in USD and are based per person

• Groups of 21 and above: $90
• Groups of 11-20 Persons: $120
• Groups of 5-10 Persons: $150
• 4 or less persons: $180


Price Includes:

• Round trip transportation
• Company rep for assistance and guidance
• Refreshment
• Rasta Village Tour fee
• Lunch


Does Not Include:

• Any additional expenses such as craft and souvenirs

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