Expeditionary Learning & Project Based Learning Trips Abroad – Unschooling In Jamaica

Additional Info
  • Processing Fee: $200 USD per person
  • Room Types: Hotel Dorm, Double , Single
  • Dates Available: Year Round
  • Project Sites: St. Catherine, Kingston, St. Andrew
  • Max Participants: 30
  • Max Age: 85
  • Min Stay: 1 Week
  • Min Stay: 1 Week
  • Max Stay: 3 Months
  • Meals Included: Breakfast, Dinner
  • Transfers: To & from airport, Daily Transfers

Unschooling Programs Abroad – We Have Project Based Learning & Expeditionary Learning Projects In Jamaica

Calling all unconventional students seeking project based learning, unschooling and expeditionary learning projects – Jamaica International Projects has developed the perfect educational packages for you to come to Jamaica and embark on a learning experience of a lifetime!


If you are seeking a more hands-on based learning experience abroad, then this project is perfect for you. While embarking on our project based learning projects, you will learn about the importance of critical thinking, giving back and your civic duty as a human being.


As parents who have taken the bold step to forego the traditional method of schooling, and have set your children upon the path of self-guided learning, the important benefits of this program will surely not pass you by. After all why limit your children to one small room for the duration of his/her life?


You know the world is your child’s classroom, so why not let them come to Jamaica to learn about this beautiful island, and all the rich heritage and resources that it has to offer?


Here Are Some Exciting Project Based Learning Ideas That Will Educate, Entertain And Enlighten Both Unschoolers And Parents Alike:

Orphanage Volunteering Volunteer Teaching Tour & Adventure Packages
Community Volunteering Environmental Volunteering Coffee Field Trips
Hotel and Tourism Tours Jamaican Cooking Lessons Rastafarian Lifestyle Village
Jamaican History Lecture Maroon (African) Village Jamaican Music Field Trips
Bob Marley Museum Tour Scuba Diving Projects Botanical Garden/Zoo Tour
Jamaican Plantation Tours Jamaican Shopping Trips Sports Programs


We have a wide range of engaging civic learning projects for learners to truly immerse themselves into the Jamaican culture, while completing meaningful projects and solving real world problems faced by many Jamaicans each day.

Some Of The Radical Schooling Or Unschooling Groups That We Arrange Programs For Are:

Project Based Learning

These programs are designed for students to engage learning in a whole new way, by exploring real world problems and challenges and coming up with a solution. This will inspire and encourage students to obtain a deeper understanding of what they are studying.


Some project based learning examples that we arrange are to help a local school with creating a vegetable garden, assisting an orphanage with creating a play area for the children or even filming a mini documentary about the Jamaican way of life. Students will come together with limited time and resources to create and execute a solution for these problems.


Civic Learning

These service learning civic engagement projects are designed with the aim of equipping students with the skills, knowledge and values so that they can become better citizens, both locally and globally. By travelling abroad and helping the less fortunate in Jamaica, they are opening whole new doors to learning as opposed to simply staying in their communities back home.


Expeditionary Learning

Focusing on project based learning, where students engage in multi-disciplined study of interesting subject ideas, expeditionary learning projects abroad are excellent opportunities for students to develop their characters, actively engage with the world around them and achieve their goals all at once.


We have expeditionary learning grade 7 and upwards projects which are perfect for teenagers and high school students.


Unschooling Ideas

Combined with home-schooling and other non-traditional schooling methods, a learning project in Jamaica will help to put education in the hands of the learner and his/her parents. What better way to have your child live and learn on their own terms than by embarking on safe unschooling adventures in Jamaica, where they receive all the support they need from our local team while learning at their own pace.

How We Will Support The Learners:


We provide a wide range of services to ensure that learners receive an educational and fun filled free range learning experience. These include:


Important Service Projects

We have a large network of local organizations that need urgent assistance, including schools, churches, orphanages, charities and local businesses. Learners will get the chance to work closely with the local population, to complete meaningful project based learning activities and volunteer work that will serve many generations to come. Learners will also develop key problem solving skills and gain real world experience.


Round Trip Transportation

We provide drop off and pickup services to our projects daily. Our drivers are licensed, and our vehicles air conditioned and fully insured.


Airport Pickup

We pick learners up from the airport then transfer them to our accommodation. We have contacts at the 2 major airports in Jamaica, which ensures that we arrive early to the airport and await the arrival of the student, where they will be met with a warm smile.


Accommodation Booking

Our partner accommodation is the Hellshire Beach Club in Portmore Saint Catherine. Rooms are air conditioned and equipped with private bathrooms, cable television, mini refrigerators, pool access and free Wi-Fi. Two of Jamaica’s most famous beaches, Sugar man’s Beach and Hellshire Beach are also located only 2 minutes away.


Even though they will be staying at a hotel they will be staying on a secure block under our supervision. We will ensure that they remain safe and comfortable during their stay in Jamaica.


Cultural Immersion

Learners will experience and immerse in every aspect of Jamaica’s culture during their unschooling activities, including our food, people, music, history, dialect and way of life. We aim to assist learners with realizing their potential as global citizens.


Scrumptious Jamaican Meals

Students will be served both Jamaican and international dishes for breakfast and dinner daily. We are happy and willing to make special arrangements for learners with dietary restrictions, such as vegans, gluten free, allergies etc.


All Year Availability

Our projects can be joined at any time of the year, regardless of season. From January 1 to December 31, we are open for business year in, year out. There is no such thing as being too late to join our programs.


In Country Support Daily

We will be there to support the learner 24 hours a day while they are in Jamaica. Our support team will always be nearby and ready to act, especially in cases of emergency.


Pre-Arrival Support & Preparation

Our team will provide the learner and their parents with support even before they board the flight to Jamaica. From the moment you apply, we will begin providing you with support. Some support services we offer are pre-arrival interviews, fund raising guides and tutorials, letters of approvals/acceptance to help seek donations, packing tips and guides, itinerary planning and more. Please feel free to ask us any questions that you may have.


Guided Projects

Most projects will have a company rep functioning as a guide, to ensure that the learner is fully settled in and their task is initiated. The guide’s function will be to assist the learner with any major issues that they may have, while staying in the background to allow the learner to accomplish his/her tasks independently.


Coordinated Itineraries

We will work closely with the learner and the parents to plan a structured itinerary that will outline the learning objectives, the activities that he/she will partake in, as well as the time and date of each activity. This will allow students to maximize the use of their time and accomplish all of their goals.


Airport Drop-Off

After the project is completed and the learner has checked out of their accommodation, we will return them safely to the airport and wish them well as they embark on their flight back home. We will also communicate with the parents of the unschooling teens so that they will know what time to pick them up at the airport.


Tropical Climate

The warm tropical marine climate that Jamaica boasts allows the island to be warm and welcoming all year round. No matter the season or time of year, Jamaica will be warm and inviting.

Accommodation Photos



Where You Will Stay:

Our partner accommodation is the Hellshire Beach Club, located in Hellshire, St. Catherine less than 5 minutes away from Hellshire Beach. Our interns will stay on a special block, designed specifically to provide safety and privacy. A Program Advisor will also stay on site as well to ensure that you are entertained and your needs are met.


Room Features:

Double or single beds
Air Condition
Private bathrooms
Cable television
Rooms cleaned daily
Free Wi-Fi access
Spacious closets
Chest of drawer and night table
Safe (storage)


Hotel Features:

You will also have access to the private Sugarman Beach, a football field for sports, a swimming pool and other necessities. For a full list of accommodation features visit our Hellshire Beach Club page.



We provide all of our interns with orientation on your date of arrival. Once you are settled into your accommodation, you will be given your finalized itinerary and your orientation guide. During orientation we will go over project dates and times, transportation, meal times, cultural/excursion activities and you will be given tips on Jamaica.


Key Deposit:

We require a $10 USD key deposit to be paid during orientation. This will be refunded upon checkout once the keys are returned. If you lose your keys we will use your deposit to cover their replacement.


Welcome Meal:

On your date of arrival, following your orientation, you will be served with your welcome meal. This will consist of an authentic Jamaican meal prepared by our chefs.


Daily Meals:

Your Package Cost covers breakfast and dinner daily. You will be served Jamaican cuisine during your stay. Indicate if you have any special dietary requirements on your application so that we can make preparations for you.




Airport Pickup:

Your Project Cost also covers the cost of airport pickup at the Norman Manley International Airport. We will meet you at the airport with a sign saying Jamaica International Projects. You will be transferred directly from the airport to Hellshire Beach Club.


If you decide to travel from Montego Bay, then you will have to take a private bus to Kingston, and we will meet you at the bus stop in Kingston.


Daily Transfers:

Each day, you will be transferred from your accommodation directly to your internship site by a team member. We will also pick you up at your project at the agreed upon time and transfer you either back to the accommodation, to change money/purchase supplies or to a cultural activity/excursion, depending upon your itinerary.


Tour Transfers:

For your tours, you will have a Program Advisor accompanying you to point out important landmarks and to function as a guide. You will be transferred to and from all excursions and outings.


Return To Airport:

At the end of your internship, we will provide return transportation to the airport or bus stop.


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Tours & Cultural Immersion

1 Week Tour And Attraction Packages

We offer several packages for cultural immersion and excursions. You can purchase these packages to add fun and excitement to your internship in Jamaica. They will be done on the weekend and on some afternoons depending on your schedule. Please browse below for costs and details.


*All Prices Are Quoted In USD


Fun Filled – Cost: $200

• Dunn’s River Falls
• Kingston Highlights
• Reggae Dance Class


Amazing - $300

• Rio Grande Rafting
• Jamaican Cooking Class
• Shopping in Kingston


Mind Blowing - $400

• White River Tubing
• Blue Mountains
• Hair Braiding/Devon House


Max Fun - $550

• Bob Marley Museum
• Portland Highlight & Glistening Waters
• Mystic Mountain


Life Changing - $800

• Dolphin cove (Encounter and dolphin push included)
• Tuff Gong Music Tour
• Black River Safari


Packages Include:

• Transportation to and from attraction
• Entrance Fees
• 1 Refreshment on each outing
• Tour guide/Company Representative


Fees Do Not Include:

• Lunch or meals
• Souvenirs
• Additional attraction fees for rides


Click on the name of each attraction for more information and packing tips. Once you have selected a package, indicate it on your Application or your Payment form.


For a full list of the other Cultural Immersion Tours and Excursions that we offer please visit our tour and adventure page.

How to Join Us


Read through the other information on this page about this program thoroughly and decide if it is the program for you.



Click APPLY NOW and complete the application form as thoroughly as possible. In the meantime start thinking of the activities that you would like to engage in during your internship.



A Program Advisor will review your application and contact you within 48 hours via Skype, Google Hangouts or telephone. You will get a chance to discuss your goals, skills, fundraising and ask us any questions.


Secure Your Placement:

As soon as you are accepted, you will need to pay your Non-Refundable Program Fee so that we can begin making your placement and processing your application. You may also pay a deposit or make payment in full once you are sure of your date of travel, because availability is on a first come first serve basis.


Submit Documentation:

After paying the program fee you will be sent a list of documentation that you need to submit. We ask that you submit these documents as soon as possible, so if you are planning to join this program then you should start the process of obtaining them from now. These documents are:


A copy of your CV/Resume
2 Reference letters
1 recent photo clearly showing your face
1 police report
Proof of insurance (if you do not have insurance you can purchase a travel medical insurance package here)
Flight itinerary


Finalize All Payments:

All payments must be finalized no later than 60 days before your travel date. This means that the entire package cost, including Program Fee, Project Cost and Cultural Immersion/Excursion cost must be settled 60 days before your arrival date. You can update your cultural immersion/excursion package or purchase additional tours while you are in Jamaica.


You will receive updates on your internship and itinerary via emails, phone calls and through Google+ or Skype calls.


Remember to read through our Terms and Service Agreement to know your responsibilities if you embark on this program.

Past Participants

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