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Learn How To Speak Like A Jamaican By Joining Our Jamaican Patois Or Jamaican Creole Field Trips

If your group would like to learn how to speak Jamaican Patois, our exciting and colourful dialect, this educational lecture was created with you in mind. Jamaica International Projects has partnered with ChatwaJamaica, the Caribbean’s Premier educators on everything Patois related. Their highly qualified team specializes in teaching groups from overseas how to speak Patios like an authentic Jamaican, and how to do English to Jamaican patois translation and vice-versa.


Jamaican Patois (pronounced Patwah) is our local dialect, which is English based creole influenced by West African origins. It was introduced in the 17th century when the slaves who originated from Western and Central Africa were exposed to the English spoken by their masters, who were of a mixture of British, Scottish and Irish English. The Jamaican dialect was born when the slaves tried to merge their native tongue with the words spoken by their masters.


During our Chatwa organized workshops you will be given a functional introduction to the Jamaican Creole through the Cassidy JLU Writing system, where you will be presented with a phonetic representation of the Patois alphabet. You will also engage in role playing, skits, word games and reading exercises to encourage your active participation. Audio visual aids will also be used to help you learn.


During your presentation you will learn various aspect of the Creole language, such as Jamaican Patois translation, Jamaican Patois phrases, Jamaican Patois words, popular Jamaican Patois sayings and also learn about the Jamaican Patois history.


So come and Join our Jamaican Creole Lecture and Presentation in Jamaica to learn all about our colourful dialect. This is an educational experience that is sure to help your group to delve into the Jamaican culture.


This Educational Trip & Presentation Includes:

  • Transfer from Accommodation to the site of your presentation
  • A presentation from Chatwa about Jamaican Creole and a chance to purchase Patios merchandise
  • Question and answer session
  • Complementary refreshments
  • Transfer to lunch
  • Return transfer to accommodation or other scheduled activities


Learning Outcomes


After the completion of this field trip, students will be able to:

Understand the basics of Jamaican Creole
Be able to convert patios to standard English and vice-versa
Recite the Jamaican alphabet
Explain the origins of Patois in Jamaica, and its influence on the Jamaican culture
Identify the social stigmas attached to the use of patois in Jamaica, and its current standing in society


If there is a specific topic area that your group would like to discuss, please indicate it on your application form.


Recommended To Take With You:

A camera to take ONLY pictures (recording prohibited)
A notepad/tablet to take notes
Presenter/driver tip (optional)
Comfortable shoes



Presentation – 1 hour to 1 ½ hours
Question Session – 15 minutes




All priced below are listed in USD and are based per person

Groups of 21 and above: $80
Groups of 11-20 Persons: $100
Groups of 5-10 Persons: $120
4 or less Persons: $150


Price Includes:

Round trip transportation
Company rep for assistance
All Presentation fees


Does Not Include:

Any souvenirs/merchandise purchased

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