Jamaican Economy Lecture & Tour Of The Jamaican Money Museum

Additional Info
  • Processing Fee: $200 USD per person
  • Room Types: Hotel Dorm, Double , Single
  • Dates Available: Year Round
  • Project Sites: St. Catherine, Kingston, St. Andrew
  • Max Participants: 30
  • Max Age: 85
  • Min Stay: 1 Week
  • Min Stay: 1 Week
  • Max Stay: 3 Months
  • Meals Included: Breakfast, Dinner
  • Transfers: To & from airport, Daily Transfers

Jamaican Money Museum Tour And Jamaica Economy Lecture

The aim of this field trip is to educate students on the Jamaica economic system. First you will attend a lecture covering the Jamaican economy history where you will learn about the bartering system originally used by the Tainos, the original inhabitants of the island before the Spanish settled and colonized it and introduced their own currency. You will also learn about the currency that the British introduced when they overtook the island, and the development of Jamaica’s own currency.


In addition you will also learn about the state of Jamaica economy today, and the projections for its future. After your lecture is complete you will visit the Bank of Jamaica to begin our guided tour of the Jamaica Money Museum, where you will see a wide range of currency from around the world and learn about the art of making coins and bank notes, and much more.


So if you are interested in learning about Jamaica economic development as well as the Jamaican money value, apply for this program today and we will arrange an educational economy trip for you.


Jamaican Money And Economy Trip Includes:

  • Transfer from accommodation to Lecture Hall
  • Lecture on the history of the Jamaican economy
  • Question and Answer session
  • Transfer from lecture hall to Bank of Jamaica
  • Guided tour of the Jamaican Money Museum
  • Chance to purchase lunch or return transfer to accommodation


Learning Outcomes:


Upon completion of the Jamaican economy field trip students will be able to:

• Understand the bartering system used by the Tainos
• Learn about the various forms of currency introduced to the island by the Spanish and British
• Describe Anchor Money and Christian Quaties
• Outline how the first Jamaican coins and bank notes came to be
• Explain the current state of Jamaica’s economy, and projections for Jamaica economic growth
• Outline the greatest Jamaican economy problems that the country faces
• Learn about the Bank of Jamaica
• Learn how to make coins and bank notes, and how to care for money
• Browse the Money Museum and see historical artefacts and currencies used around the world.


If there is a specific topic that your group would like to discuss, please indicate it on your application form.


Recommended To Take With You:

• A camera to take pictures
• A notepad/tablet to take notes
• Comfortable shoes for walking



Lecture – 1 to 2 hours
Museum Tour – 1 to 2 hours


TOTAL: 2 to 4 Hours




The following prices are quoted in USD and are based per person

• Groups of 21 and above: $80
• Groups of 11-20 Persons: $100
• Groups of 10 Persons: $120
• 10 or less Persons: $150


Price Includes:

• Round trip transportation
• Company rep for assistance
• Refreshment
• Lecturer fee
• Lecture hall rental
• Museum Tour fee


Does Not Include:

• Lunch
• Any merchandise purchases

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