Jamaican History Museum Tour And Lecture

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  • Processing Fee: $200 USD per person
  • Room Types: Hotel Dorm, Double , Single
  • Dates Available: Year Round
  • Project Sites: St. Catherine, Kingston, St. Andrew
  • Max Participants: 30
  • Max Age: 85
  • Min Stay: 1 Week
  • Min Stay: 1 Week
  • Max Stay: 3 Months
  • Meals Included: Breakfast, Dinner
  • Transfers: To & from airport, Daily Transfers

Learn About The History Of Jamaica By Joining Our Jamaican History Museum Tour And Lecture

Travel on a learning adventure and discover the rich history of Jamaica. Once the home of the native Tainos, Jamaica was captured by Christopher Columbus, who ‘discovered’ it in 1494 for Spain. The Spanish were in turn conquered by the British in 1655, and the island remained under the British rule until it gained independence in 1962.


To begin our Jamaica history and culture field trip you will visit the National Museum of Jamaica to view contemporary exhibitions and receive a guided tour to learn about some of our historical artefacts. The museum is home to over 17,000 relics, some dating back to the pre-Columbian era, and each holding a piece of the memories of our ancestors.


There are a total of 6 collections in the museum that will take you to a period in the Jamaica history timeline, with temporary exhibitions being held for special occasions. These include:


The Taino Collection – The Tainos are the indigenous people of Jamaica, and this collection reflects on their socio-economic and political characteristics.

Slavery Collection – Africans were enslaved and brought to Jamaica. This collection addresses the experiences they endured, such as punishment and torture.

Post Emancipation – After emancipation from slavery, Jamaicans engaged in various industries. This collection will examine how freed blacks used their creativity to make a living for themselves with new inventions and initiatives.

African Collection – Most of Jamaica’s culture today is shaped by the West and East Africans who were brought here as slaves. These pieces reflect the social, political and economic influences that they had on the Jamaican society.

Port Royal Collection – Once known as “the richest and wickedest city in the world”, Port Royal was decimated by a massive earthquake in 1692, and a large portion of the city sank into the sea. This collection primarily consists of artefacts recovered from underwater archaeological excavations.

Miscellaneous Collection – This holds a wide assortment of pieces, including relics from George William Gordon (a National Hero), Marcus Garvey, musical instruments used by the Maroons, Sticks used by East Indians to make jewellery and much more.


In addition to these permanent collections, the museum also hosts temporary collections from time to time, such as Rastafarian. We will verify with the museum what exhibitions are planned for your group’s arrival so that you can customize your Jamaica history facts experience.


After your museum tour is concluded, we will then go to the Lecture Hall, to receive a lecture and presentation on a brief history of Jamaica by a professor of Jamaican History. You will cover the most important aspects of our history during your lecture, such as Jamaican language history, Jamaican government history, the history of Jamaican slavery, history of Jamaica independence, important events in Jamaican history, Jamaican political history and more.


At the end of your program, you will be able to purchase lunch nearby, and visit gift shops to purchase craft items and memorabilia. If you would like to apply for our Jamaica history and culture field trip, apply now so that we can begin helping your group with making arrangements today.


Your Jamaican History And Culture Trip Includes:

  • Transfer from Accommodation to National Museum of Jamaica
  • Entrance fee for the museum
  • Guided tour of the museum to view various collections
  • Lecture from a Jamaican professor on Jamaica’s history
  • Question and answer session
  • Complementary refreshments
  • Transfer from National Museum back to accommodation (or other scheduled activities)


Learning Outcomes


After the completion of this field trip, students will be able to:

• Explain the various steps in the Jamaican history timeline
• Learn about the Tainos, the indigenous people of Jamaica
• Learn about Christopher Columbus’s invasion of the island in the name of Spain
• Learn about the defeat of Spain at the hands of Britain
• Identify how slavery rose to prominence on the island, and how Africans were introduced
• Explain how Jamaica rose to independence
• Identify important events in Jamaica’s history, such as the Morant Bay rebellion and the destruction of Port Royal in 1692
• Identify Jamaica’s National Heroes
• Learn about the development of politics in Jamaica


If there is a specific topic that your group would like to discuss, please indicate it on your application form.


Recommended To Take With You:

• A camera to take pictures
• A notepad/tablet to take notes
• Museum guide tip (optional)
• Comfortable shoes



Museum Tour – 1 ½ hours
Lecture – 2 hours

TOTAL: 3 ½ hours




The following prices are quoted in USD and are based per person

• Groups of 21 and above: $150
• Groups of 11-20 Persons: $200
• Groups of 5-10 Persons: $250


Price Includes:

• Round trip transportation
• Company rep for assistance and guidance
• Refreshment
• Renting the air conditioned, state of the art Lecture Hall
• Lecturer fee
• Museum entrance fee
• Lunch


Does Not Include:

• Any additional expenses such as craft and souvenirs

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