Jamaican Cooking Classes & Jamaican Food Culture Lesson

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  • Dates Available: Year Round
  • Max Participants: 30
  • Max Age: 85

Jamaican Food Culture Lesson And Field Trip - Jamaican Cooking Classes

No trip to Jamaica is complete without Jamaican cooking classes. This is an opportunity to receive a culinary lesson from a certified Chef on how to prepare authentic Jamaican meals.


Being composed of a diverse mixture of cultures, including Spanish, British, Indian, and African influences, the Jamaican cuisine can be as varied and colourful as the people themselves. In this hands on lesson, you will get the chance to prepare famous Jamaican food dishes such as Jerked Chicken, Curried Goat, and Rice and Peas from scratch.


Throughout your Jamaican cooking class your chef/instructor will educate you on Jamaican food history to teach you where the various aspects that make up our wonderful cuisine originated from. At the end of the lesson you will partake in the food that you helped to prepare. Your meal will consist of three courses, including Jamaican appetizers, main course and dessert.


So if you are seeking to learn about the different aspects of the Jamaican food culture and attend a 1 day Jamaican cooking school to teach you all you need to know about our cuisine, apply now and let us begin booking your trip today.


Jamaican Cooking Classes Include:

  • An introduction to commonly used Jamaican ingredients
  • Demonstration on how to season meat and food to be Jerked
  • Sampling of fresh Jamaican fruits such as pineapples, otaheite apples, guinep, mango etc.
  • A brief history of Jerk and how it was invented
  • Demonstration on how a jerk pan works and how to ignite it
  • Lesson on how to season meat with Jamaican seasoning
  • Prepare Jamaican Stamp and Go (appetizer), Jerk (chicken, pork or vegetables), Rice and Peas, Stir Fry Vegetable and Cornmeal Pudding (dessert)
  • Sample the food you helped to prepare for dinner


Learning Outcomes:


Upon completion of this Jamaican cooking class students will be able to:

• Identify some of the most popular Jamaican fruits and be able to describe their taste
• Identify various ingredients used in Jamaican cuisine
• Prepare jerk seasoning from scratch
• Learn how Jamaicans prepare and season their meat before cooking
• Prepare a range of healthy Jamaican food such as Stamp and Go, Jerked Food (Chicken, Pork or Vegetable) Vegetable Stir Fry, Rice and Peas and Cornmeal Pudding
• Learn the history of how Jerk was invented
• Know the proper procedure for igniting a jerk pan


If there is a specific dish or aspect of Jamaican cooking that your group would like to discuss, please indicate it on your application form.


Recommended To Take With You:

We recommend that you take along the following items with you during your Jamaican cooking school:


• A camera to take pictures
• A notepad/tablet to take notes and recipes
• Comfortable shoes



• Cooking Class – 2 hours to 2 ½ hours
• Meal – 1 hour



• $70 USD Per Person


Price Includes:

• Cost of all ingredients and utensils
• Certified Chef instructor
• Copy of all recipes used in the lesson
• Refreshments with meal
• Fresh Jamaican fruits to sample


Does Not Include:

• Barbeque sauce or Jerk sauce for sale
• Recipe Books
• Branded cooking gear and merchandise

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