Learn About The Jamaican Culture And Traditions

Are you seeking to embark upon field trips to learn more about the islands rich history? Seeking educational field trips in Jamaica to help your group learn more about the many aspects of the Jamaican culture and traditions? If you are then you should join our Jamaican travel and culture packages.


Our Jamaican culture and travel packages will take your group on a life changing learning experience. You will learn about the most famous parts of our culture, such as Reggae music, Bob Marley, Rastafarianism, how to speak Patois, cooking classes, Appleton Estate rum tours and more.


View our list of Jamaican culture tours below and select the field trip that your group would like to embark on. If you do not see a trip that you wish to join, please contact us and we will make special arrangements for you.

Our Support Services

Pre-Arrival support & assistance before you travel to Jamaica

Comfortable & affordable air conditioned accommodation options

All local transportation to and from your tours or projects

We pick you up at the airport and take you to your accommodation

Authentic home style Jamaican meals for breakfast & dinner daily

The chance to meet and interact with real Jamaicans

Thrilling tours, adventures and excursions

Dance classes, movies, concerts and shopping are some entertainment options

24-hour support while you are in Jamaica

Safe and secured accommodations, vehicles and projects

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1. Choose a Project

Make a decision on the type of volunteer project you want to join and thoroughly read the info on the page.

2. Apply

Complete our Application Form and pay your program fee to secure your project. We will contact you for an interview to discuss your placement.

3. Start Preparing

After your program is confirmed we will be providing you with pre-arrival support to help you plan & prepare for your trip to Jamaica.