Best Study Abroad Programs – Study Overseas In Jamaica

Additional Info
  • Processing Fee: $200 USD per person
  • Room Types: Hotel Dorm, Double , Single
  • Dates Available: Year Round
  • Project Sites: St. Catherine, Kingston, St. Andrew
  • Max Participants: 30
  • Min Stay: 1 Week
  • Max Stay: 3 Months
  • Meals Included: Breakfast, Dinner
  • Transfers: To & from airport, Daily Transfers

The Best Short Term Study Abroad Programs In Jamaica – Learn How To Study Overseas

Our short term study abroad programs are designed for faculty leaders, professors, teachers, study abroad directors and group leaders who are seeking excellent learning opportunities and cultural immersion for their students. Whether you are representatives of a high school, trade school, college or university, we will work with you to customize the best study abroad programs for your group of students.


At Jamaica International Projects, our experience with collaborating with Program Advisors and Deans from universities around the world has given us insight on what groups seeking how to study abroad hope to accomplish from their faculty led programs. We aim to provide all the necessary support to see to it that these goals are fulfilled.

Services We Provide On Our Study Overseas Global Program:

Round Trip Transportation

On our study abroad experience we provide company owned transportation to and from all scheduled activities, using fully licensed and insured vehicles. For larger groups we partner with trusted local transportation operators, who are accompanied by our team members. They will show you all the important landmarks and sites along your journey each day.


Airport Pickup

We meet you at the airport and transfer you to your accommodation. We work closely with contacts at Jamaica’s 2 major airports to ensure that we always arrive early to greet your group with a warm, friendly smile.


Accommodation Booking

For our study abroad Jamaica programs we have partnered with the Hellshire Beach Club, which is less than 45 minutes away from Kingston, to provide our guests with comfortable and affordable accommodations. Our guests are placed on a special block, with pool access, free Wi-Fi, a patio and more. As a nice added bonus, Hellshire Beach and Sugar Man’s Beach are both less than 2 minutes’ walk away.


True Cultural Immersion

Our Jamaican owned and operated business consists of an entirely Jamaican team, which means that you will encounter many Jamaicans on a daily basis during your overseas study program. This will give you a unique chance to see our culture in full effect, as you experience our food, language, history, and hear stories from locals. This is an experience that you will not receive at posh hotels that have been Americanised.


Tropical Climate

The warm tropical marine climate of Jamaica is truly one of the island’s greatest features. All year round the country is sunny and warm. This is especially desirable for study abroad opportunities during the snowy winter season, when Jamaica is still cosy and warm, with inviting beaches and rivers. Our tropical climate and rich culture makes Jamaica one of the best countries to study abroad in.


Delicious Jamaican Meals

We serve guests with scrumptious breakfast and dinner each day. Our hearty meals consist of Jamaican cuisine, as well as some international dishes. We pride ourselves in providing a great variety of menu options, and we cater for persons with special dietary preferences as well, such as gluten free, vegans, diabetics etc.


Year Round Availability

Our short term study abroad programs run all year round, during every season. Whether spring break, summer break, winter break, Christmas, reading week, Easter break or any major holiday, you can rest assured that we are able to arrange a program for you. We are extremely passionate about what we do, so we do it 365 days a year!


24/7 In Country Support

As soon as you arrive in Jamaica, we will begin providing you with 24/7 customer support. No matter where you are, our team will be on standby to offer you support, especially during emergencies. We are always near to lend a helping hand.


Pre-Arrival Planning & Support

From the moment you complete our application form, our team will begin to offer you our expert advice and help you with planning a learning experience that will assist your group in achieving all outlined learning outcomes, while injecting fun and adventure as well.


Guided Projects

As Jamaica’s top study abroad agency we assign all groups with a company representative/guide who will accompany you on outings to ensure that the experiences go as smoothly as possible, and that your itinerary and timeframes are adhered to. Based off our experience, study abroad programs are often strapped for time, and there is very little margin for error and delays. This is why we provide a local team member.


Structured Itineraries

Before you even arrive we will work closely with your group leaders, faculty advisors and study abroad departments to create a detailed itinerary that will outline your entire study abroad short term program. This allows your group to come prepared, as well as give us a timetable to work with so that all tasks are completed.


Return To Airport

Upon the completion of your overseas study tour, we will return your group to the airport, as you depart Jamaica with a wealth of knowledge and memories that will live along with you for the rest of your life.

Study Abroad Projects Available

We offer a wide range of exciting topics for your students to cover in Jamaica, as well as the opportunity to visit local universities and businesses to attend lectures, tours and demonstrations.


Some Popular Jamaican Study Abroad Research Programs That We Offer Are:


Visit A Maroon Village

The Maroons are runaway slaves who challenged The British during Jamaica’s days of colonialism and slavery.


Attend A Coffee Lecture & Tour

Visit Craighton Estate up in the Blue Mountains and learn how coffee is grown, harvested, processed, packaged and brewed. Afterwards you get to sample a fresh cup.


Rum & Sugar Lecture

Visit Appleton Estate, Jamaica's top rum producer and learn how sugar and rum are made. Depart with a 50 ml bottle of Appleton Special as a souvenir.


Reggae Music

Visit Bob Marley Museum and Tuff Gong Recording Studio and learn all about the king of Reggae and Jamaica's legendary Reggae music.


Jamaican Economy & Money

Want to learn about Jamaica's economy? Then a lecture at the Bank of Jamaica will teach you all that you need to know.


Jamaican Cooking Class

From Ackee and Saltfish, jerked chicken, rice and peas or, stewed peas with pigtail, attend a brief lecture on the history of Jamaica's delectable cuisine and then learn how to prepare them yourself.


Rastafarian Lecture

Receive a lecture from a living, breathing Rastafarian and learn about the special herbs they use, how they worship and their way of life.


Learn About Jamaica’s History

Visit the National Gallery of Jamaica and the Institute of Jamaica to receive lectures from experts at these institutions who will show you historic artefacts from Jamaica’s past and give you a history lesson.



Learn all about Jamaica’s top foreign currency earner, and how tourism impacts Jamaicans in all industries. Tour a hotel in Jamaica and get a lecture from a member of the Jamaica Tourist Board.


Patois Lecture

Learn how to speak our local dialect called Patois. We have partnered with a local Patois agency to assist our clients with learning how to speak, read and write in Patois.

University Lectures

If you are seeking to visit one of Jamaica’s top universities, such as the University of The West Indies or the University of Technology, then we can make arrangements for you. Some activities that you could engage in include:


• Touring the university grounds
• Visiting the bookshop to purchase souvenirs
• Meet and greet with local students
• Network and interact with local professors
• Attend lectures


Some Of The Subject Areas That Your Group Can Participate In Lectures Are:

• Humanities
• Life Sciences
• Social Sciences
• Jamaican Music
• Psychology
• Medical Science
• Legal/law
• Engineering
• Hospitality
• Journalism
• Culinary
• Marketing
• Business Development
• Tourism in Jamaica

Volunteer Opportunities:

If your group would like to add volunteer projects to your program, then we can assist in arranging this as well. Some volunteer projects we have are:

• Community upliftment
• Environmental sustainability
• Medical volunteering
• Teach a foreign language

Adventures & Excursions:

We also offer culturally immersive adventures to your study abroad trips so that your students will not only learn, but also have fun and immerse themselves into the Jamaican culture. Visit our tour and adventure page for a list of all the adventures that we offer.

Additional Information


We have faculty led college and high school study abroad programs available all year round, as the programs are customized to your group’s specifications. The following spaces are available:


• Alternative Spring 2017 & 2018
• Study Abroad Winter Break 2017 & 2018
• Study Abroad Summer 2017 & 2018
• Reading Week 2017 & 2018
• May Semester 2017 & 2018
• January Term 2017 & 2018



Our short term high school and college study abroad programs typically run from 1 week to 3 months. If you would like a customized time frame, let us know in your application and we will work with your schedule.



Prices are based on the activities that your group will engage in during your program. Complete our application form so that we can work with you to customize your itinerary and send you a quote. We strive to offer you an affordable program, so contact us today to begin.

Accommodation & Transfer




Where You Will Stay:

Our partner accommodation is the Hellshire Beach Club, located in Hellshire, St. Catherine less than 5 minutes away from Hellshire Beach. Our interns will stay on a special block, designed specifically to provide safety and privacy. A Program Advisor will also stay on site as well to ensure that you are entertained and your needs are met.


Room Features:

Double or single beds
Air Condition
Private bathrooms
Cable television
Rooms cleaned daily
Free Wi-Fi access
Spacious closets
Chest of drawer and night table
Safe (storage)


Hotel Features:

You will also have access to the private Sugarman Beach, a football field for sports, a swimming pool and other necessities. For a full list of accommodation features visit our Hellshire Beach Club page.



We provide all of our interns with orientation on your date of arrival. Once you are settled into your accommodation, you will be given your finalized itinerary and your orientation guide. During orientation we will go over project dates and times, transportation, meal times, cultural/excursion activities and you will be given tips on Jamaica.


Key Deposit:

We require a $10 USD key deposit to be paid during orientation. This will be refunded upon checkout once the keys are returned. If you lose your keys we will use your deposit to cover their replacement.


Welcome Meal:

On your date of arrival, following your orientation, you will be served with your welcome meal. This will consist of an authentic Jamaican meal prepared by our chefs.


Daily Meals:

Your Package Cost covers breakfast and dinner daily. You will be served Jamaican cuisine during your stay. Indicate if you have any special dietary requirements on your application so that we can make preparations for you.




Airport Pickup:

Your Project Cost also covers the cost of airport pickup at the Norman Manley International Airport. We will meet you at the airport with a sign saying Jamaica International Projects. You will be transferred directly from the airport to Hellshire Beach Club.

If you decide to travel from Montego Bay, then you will have to take a private bus to Kingston, and we will meet you at the bus stop in Kingston.


Daily Transfers:

Each day, you will be transferred from your accommodation directly to your internship site by a team member. We will also pick you up at your project at the agreed upon time and transfer you either back to the accommodation, to change money/purchase supplies or to a cultural activity/excursion, depending upon your itinerary.


Tour Transfers:

For your tours, you will have a Program Advisor accompanying you to point out important landmarks and to function as a guide. You will be transferred to and from all excursions and outings.


Return To Airport:

At the end of your internship, we will provide return transportation to the airport or bus stop.

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