Our travel packages are designed to offer our clients with the unique opportunity to experience the real, unpolished Jamaica, and truly immerse in our vivid culture by interacting and working closely with locals. We offer the unique chance for our clients to experience a world outside of the flashy 5 star hotels typically shown in magazines and brochures, and embrace Jamaica’s natural beauty and charm.


Our model is designed to cater to every type of traveller possible, from college groups to newlyweds.


Below Is A Complete List Of Our Potential Clientele:

• Volunteers
• Interns
• College Students
• School Groups
• Wedding Parties
• Honeymooners
• Yoga and health Enthusiasts
• Adventure Seekers
• Vacationers
• Corporate Groups
• Church Groups
• Career Breakers
• Families
• Friends
• Sports Groups/Sports Clubs
• Spring Breakers
• Reggae Fans
• Food Lovers
• Teenagers
• Mature and retirees


Age Requirements

The minimum age for our clients that travel individually is 14. Persons below the age of 14 must travel along with a parent, guardian, chaperone or relative above the age of 18. We do not have a limit on how old our clients can be, but for volunteers who are 70 years old and above you must be able to function independently, or travel along with a care-giver.



We are a proud Jamaican run company, and we welcome clients from all nationalities from around the world. Remember to check for the visa requirements of your country for travelling to Jamaica.